HIT Gel Stick

kills cockroaches at the entry point

HIT Gel stick is a transparent gel that kills cockroaches at the entry point. Once applied the gel remains effective for 7 days

Godrej Red HIT(Lal HIT)- Cockroach killing

When to Use

To keep your home safe from cockroaches, apply after every 7 days.

How to Use

Apply HIT Gel Stick on a clean and dry surface around the entry points and places for frequented by cockroaches like kitchen sink, platform, gas cylinder, dustbin, kitchen etc.

Where to Use


It contains a unique gel formula that kills the cockroach the moment it touches the gel.

The key features are:

  • Transparent gel • One application lasts 7 days • 3X Powerful
  • Affordable – Rs. 30 only • Each pack lasts 6-8 weeks
  • Easy to apply – Brush applicator • Does not spread
  • Kitchen safe • No smell

The benefits of HIT GEL STICK over home remedies and other cockroach solutions are as under:

Does not spread
No smell
Long lasting
(Up to 7 days)
This product is useful for every home that faces the problem of cockroaches coming from outside. Cockroaches enter the home from dirty surroundings, contaminate food and utensils, and spread food poisoning. Solutions like boric powder, phenyl, chalk, naphthalene balls etc. are not effective against cockroaches. Hence, there is a need for an effective solution that will stop the cockroaches from entering into the homes. HIT GEL STICK is that solution. It kills cockroaches right at the entry point.

HIT GEL STICK is completely kitchen safe. It has a unique transparent gel formula and a brush applicator.

  • It is easy-to-apply and dries quickly. Hence, it won’t get on your hands
  • After drying, the gel becomes transparent. So, it doesn’t attract kids’ attention
  • It comes in an easy-to-store pack that can be placed in kitchen shelves
  • Review (2)

    • Five Stars

      By Arpit

      all insect wiped out in one night after spraying it.

    • Five Stars

      By Chandra Banerjee

      The fact that a cockroach did not survive Hit,shows its powers.Effective product.