Hit chalk

Freedom from crawling insects

It's as simple as a line across the floor. Keep your home free of ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects with HIT Chalk. Draw a line across the floor or any other surfaces where these pests frequently crawl. These will be killed the moment they cross this line. So you can be sure they wouldn't dare cross the HIT Chalk line.

HIT Chalk for Cockroach killing

When to Use

Use it in the night after finishing your kitchen work

How to Use

Draw 2-3 thick parallel lines around the areas frequently visited by cockroach.

Cockroaches die when they try to cross this line.

Where to Use


Yes - most crawling insects will be killed if they cross a line drawn in HIT Chalk.
HIT Chalk is toxic and is not to be ingested. Seek medical attention if you display any symptoms such as drowsiness or discomfort or any other signs of poisoning.
Always wash your hands after using HIT Chalk. Keep HIT Chalk out of reach of children and pets. Do not use HIT chalk on surfaces used for preparing food, or other frequently used surfaces.