Kills rats

Droppings are a definite sign of rat infestation. Rats feed on stored food grains and pass on bacteria which can be a potential danger. If you find droppings, do not delay, and put HIT Rat Bait in corners where rat infestation is suspected. Also ensure there is no water source. As the rat chokes, it will go outside of the home and die.

HIT Rat Killer

How to Use

Place pieces Of HIT Rat in target areas

Ensure no water source is available for rats once you place these baits

Sweep away the left out particles

Where to Use


Just a small bite is more than sufficient to kill a rat
Always wash your hands after using HIT Rat. Keep HIT Rat Cakes out of reach of children and pets. Do not use HIT Rat Cakes on surfaces used for preparing food, or other frequently used surfaces.
HIT Rat serves the purpose of keeping rats away from your home and office, it ensures rats die only after they exit from your house. There are no visible effects of HIT Rat on rats, as its active ingredients affect the internal organs of the rats.
HIT Rat baits will kill a rodent in 4 to 5 days.