8 simple ways to keep your kitchen cockroach-free

Friday, 23/09/2016

There’s nothing more unsettling than watching a cockroach scuttle across your kitchen floor. While cockroaches are among the most invasive of pests, you only need to take some simple precautions to ensure that your kitchen is cockroach-free. Here are eight of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen, and your home, free of cockroaches.


Watch out for cracks and crevices:

Cockroaches thrive in dark corners. Be watchful of cracks in the flooring, and the nooks and crannies all around your kitchen. These are their favourite places to hide. Do a thorough inspection of all kitchen surfaces and make sure any cracks and crevices are immediately sealed.


Don’t leave food out, uncovered:

This seems obvious, and we often follow this practice with our own dishes. But, if you have pets, their food and water bowls can also tempt a cockroach out of hiding. Make sure these bowls are covered before you go to bed at night.


Closed rubbish bins:

Nothing attracts a cockroach like a pile of trash. While your rubbish bin may be hidden in a cupboard under your counter make sure that it is, nonetheless, covered at all times. This is especially necessary if it is near a drain or any sort of pipes.


Don’t take crumbs casually:

It’s easy to ignore a spilled grain of sugar or the crumbs we leave on the counter after preparing a snack, but these are irresistible to roaches. Wipe down your counters after any kitchen activity. Even the smallest crumbs should be removed.


Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink:

While it’s best to rinse your dishes after eating, even if you don’t wash them immediately, beware of leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Keep your home clean and hygienic and make sure you go to sleep with an empty sink and a clean kitchen.


>Use HIT Chalk:

By lining your kitchen corners, cabinets, and other surfaces with HIT chalk, you’re ensuring that even the most stubborn cockroaches are unable to make it into your kitchen.


Disinfect your floors – daily:

Guests, pets, children, and even our other family members can track in dust, grime and other dirt from outside into your house and your kitchen floors, which in turn can attract cockroaches. This is why it is essential to clean and disinfect your kitchen floors on a daily basis and keep cockroaches at bay.


Keep your cabinets shut:

The last thing you want is for a cockroach to get into the cabinet where you store your cutlery, crockery, glassware or serve-ware. Even if you’ve taken all the above precautions, make sure your cabinets, cupboards and storage are always tightly shut.

Take these above precautions, and you can be assured of a clean, hygienic, cockroach-free kitchen.

Have any tips and tricks of your own to keep cockroaches away? Share them with us in the comments sections below.

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