Against the bite: A short look into mosquito repellents and their prevalence in the market

Friday, 30/09/2016

The scene: a warm evening in God’s own country, India. As the last rays of the evening sun casts its light on the foliage, The first buzzes of the ever annoying mosquitoes begin. It is no surprise that we humans would try till infinity and beyond to prevent these tiny biters from disturbing us so. To an extend, we have succeeded in this ever continuing battle. In this particular article, I shall attempt to delve deeper into humanity’s most formidable weapon against these bloodsucking vermin : Mosquito Repellent and its Derivatives.

1. What are mosquito repellents?

▪ Mosquito repellents are chemical substances that when, applied to skin, clothing or other materials, prevent mosquitoes from landing on that surface.

▪ They are used to prevent the spread of diseases like dengue, malaria etc., in the propagation of which mosquitoes act as the vector.

▪ They are also used for relief from persistent irritation by mosquitoes

spray         coil

2.Types of mosquito repellents

▪ Mosquito repellents are mainly of two types: Synthetic and natural.

▪ Amongst synthetic repellents , the foremost ones are DEET, which stands for diethyltoluamide and Picardin

▪ Natural mosquito repellents include plant based chemicals such as birch tree bark, which is made into tar and combined with another oil, is also applied onto surfaces to serve the same purpose.

▪ Other natural substances include eucalyptus oil, lavender, cinnamon oil etc.

bug-off    insectrepellent

3.Prevalence in the market

▪ The world mosquito repellent market is divided on the basis of product type, distribution channel and geography

▪ By product type, they are categorised into spray , coil , cream and oil, vaporiser and other products.

▪ The coil segment currently dominates the world market in terms of revenue,which is caused due to the fact that they are used extensively by the lower and middle class sections of the society.

▪ The next emerging segment in tow is the cream and oil based repellents due to their increasing availability.

▪ Coming to the second category, channels of distribution,the market is divided into large retail stores, online retail stores and small retail stores, with large retail stores making most of the income.

▪ Though large retail stores currently dominate the market, online retail stores are expected to see a lucrative and rewarding growth over the next few years as more and more of the population become dependant on online services for their needs.

▪ Small retail stores only get a small part of the revenue and are expected to stay more or less stagnant in terms of revenue in the years to come.

▪ Coming to the third category, Geography, The market is broken down into North America, which consists of US, Canada and Mexico, then Europe, The Asia Pacific, consisting of countries such as China, India and then the LAMEA(stands for Latin America, Brazil etc.)

▪ The Asia Pacific dominates the market, as it consists of tropical and subtropical regions, which are a haven for the growth of these vermin and their persistent harm is more.

▪ LAMEA is all set to witness an explosive growth during the forecast period owed to the outbreak of the deadly Zika virus.

▪ The major companies in this market are Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, Godrej Household Products , Dabur international , Jyothi laboratories, Procter and Gamble etc.

▪ In order to trump rising competition, innovative mosquito repellents and introduced every year, such as the Odomos wrist band, which can be worn on your wrist to repel the bloodsuckers.

band    odomos

4.Top factors affecting the mosquito repellent market

▪ Rising mosquito borne diseases :- In recent years,there has been a steady yet strong increase in diseases such as zika virus, malaria, dengue etc. In which mosquitoes act as vectors. This has increased the demand for mosquito repellents ten fold in the past decade.

▪ Increasing Awareness:- The top players in the market, coupled with NGOs, newspapers etc, have worked consistently to impart awareness about these issues to the general public, thereby promoting the use of such pesticides.

▪ Rise in global temperature:- The temperature of the earth is steadily increasing and will continue to do so as time progresses, thereby providing optimum conditions for the breeding of mosquitoes. This increase directly impacts the increase in number of mosquitoes, which would lead to an increase in the demand for these substances.

▪ Marketing and positioning strategies:-The key players have excelled in the race to make mosquito repellents seen as a necessity and continually strive to increase their sales.


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