Basics Of Chikungunya

Friday, 30/09/2016

Chikungunya is a viral fever that leaves people with the after effects of the pain caused by it. It is not fatal but has no cure either. It affects the joints of the fingers, feet and hand, causing swelling and pain. In some odd cases, the pain continues for months and even years.


The symptoms of Chikungunya:

1. High fever (between 102 to 104°F)

2. Swelling in joints like back, ankles, fingers and knees

3. Acute pain in joints

4. Rashes on the skin

5. Headaches

6. Fatigue

7. Nausea

They are similar to the symptoms of Dengue, which is why a visit to the doctor is a must.

Treatment for Chikungunya:

There is no specific treatment made for Chikungunya. However, the following tips should help a little:

1. Proper bed rest should be taken.

2. Intake of fluids should be increased as it helps in releasing the toxins.

3. Medicines like Paracetamol and Crocin should be taken to control the fever and pain.
Once a person has suffered from Chikungunya, they are immune to it for the rest of their life.

Home remedies to cure Chikungunya pain:


1. Applying garlic paste or clove oil with black pepper helps in relieving pain.

2. Ashwagandha can be chewed to help with the pain.

3. Neem leaves and Epsom salt should be added to lukewarm water and then used for bathing, as it can be helpful.

4. Dry and seedless grapes with milk should help in proving relief from the symptoms of Chikungunya.

5. Raw carrots should be eaten as they help in preventing the joint pain.

6. Tulsi is used to help in preventing Chikungunya symptoms and helps in increasing immunity.

7. Coconut water intake should be high as it helps the person suffering from Chikungunya stay hydrated and releases all the toxins.

8. Turmeric milk should be given to the patients as it helps the body in healing faster.

Cure for chronic pain caused by Chikungunya:

1. Mild aerobic exercise: The best way to relieve the chronic joint pain is by doing low oxygen intake exercises. It helps with the movement of the joints in the correct manner.

2. Massage: It can help reduce the pain for the people suffering. The middle fingers should be massaged to relieve pain in the joints of the legs and the index finger and the ring finger for the arm pain.

3. Cool compresses: Cool compressions should be done as they relieve swelling and pain.

4. Turmeric milk: It is known best for healing and pain. It gives strength and helps increase immunity.

5. Stew peppers: It has the ingredient capsaicin that helps in treating Chikungunya.

6. Ginger: It is an anti-inflammatory and helps with the healing process.

7. Vitamin C: Intake of Vitamin C helps release the toxins. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are recommended as they help in the better absorption of iron.

8. Green leafy vegetables: They are the most important part of the diet as they have the most vitamin E and iron, which helps in decreasing the pain and joint inflammation.

9. Yoga:Stretches and basic Yoga also helps in relieving the muscular pain.

10. Walking: Short walk also helps in the recovery process. Walking for a minimum of 20 minutes should be a part of the routine for the patient.

11. Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays an important role as it keeps the bones strong and intact. If vitamin D is low, measures should be taken as per the doctor’s advice.

Tips to prevent Chikungunya:

1. Empty the buckets of water so that they do not collect excess water. The water container should always be covered.

2. There should be no stagnant water as it is a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

3. Apply mosquito repellents as much as possible or wear mosquito patches.

4. All windows and doors should be kept closed and should not have holes in order to stop mosquitoes from entering the premises.

5. Sleeping under a mosquito net is of great help.

6. If you use a cooler, then clean it regularly.

7. Plant a Tulsi plant to keep the mosquitoes away.

8. Always clean the dustbins and do not let any dirt get collected to avoid mosquitoes.

9. Light camphor as it will help in keeping the mosquitoes away.

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