Benefits of spray based mosquito repellent

Saturday, 1/10/2016

With the advance of medical science we came to know about many diseases that affect humans. Many of disease are spread by insects. Over the years humans have developed some ways to avoid the mosquito bites which in turn prevents the spread of diseases. One of the most used ways to prevent mosquito bites is to use mosquito repellents. In olden days, when humans simply didn’t know about chemistry much, repellents were made of natural oils or plants. These repellents had some problems with them.

Like they would evaporate quickly which did not allow them to have a long lasting effect. Due to research in science we were able to make our own compounds that have mosquito repellent properties. One of the major compounds used in making mosquito repellents is DEET (chemical name, N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). They are available in various mediums one of them are sprays. The benefits of spray based mosquito repellents are discussed below.

1. Ease of use

Spray based mosquito repellents are easy to apply. It is relatively easy to spray it upon specific area of the body. When then repellents are in the spray form it can even be sprayed around the house, specifically in those areas where mosquitoes sit.

2. You can apply it everywhere

If we have cream based repellents imagine applying them on walls. It is simply not possible. The use of Cream based repellents are mostly restricted to skin. But spray based repellents can be sprayed wherever possible. There are attachments available for the nozzle of the spray bottle so that it can reach areas that earlier could not be reached.

3. Prevents contamination of the repellent liquid

In spray based repellents, the possibility of the repellent liquid getting contaminated is next to impossible. The repellent is protected inside a bottle which does not break on falling. And since it is a spray based repellent we are never supposed to open the nozzle. So the chances of an outside impurity contaminating the liquid repellent are less. While on the other hand if we have a cream based repellent the chances of contamination are high.

4. Available in every store

These repellents are available in all chemist stores. They aren’t priced high. Everyone rich or poor can use this excellent product to protect himself from these dangerous insects. Every year more and more people are starting to use spray based mosquito repellents.

5. Prevention is always better than cure

A single bite of mosquito can make you seriously ill. They spread diseases like malaria, dengue zika virus .etc. Some of these diseases when not treated on time can be fatal. The mortality rate of dengue when not treated can be as high as 50%. There is a scientific evidence that zika virus is also the cause of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The treatment for such diseases has a considerable cost. A simple act of prevention like using a mosquito repellent can be used to protect ourselves from these deadly diseases.

6. Use of mosquito repellents are safe

• The spray based repellents do not have any side effects. They are perfectly safe to be applied to the skin. There is a lot of research done regarding the”adverse effects of the mosquito repellents”. Almost one third of us use mosquito repellents made from DEET.

• There have been some reported cases of the effects of these repellents but compared to the number of people using them it is very small. It is always advisable to read the instructions on the bottle of the mosquito repellent. If it is not used according to the instructions then it may be dangerous.pleasant

7. Spray based mosquito repellents have pleasant odour

The spray based mosquito repellents come in variants with a pleasant odour. Unlike other chemicals they smell good. These repellents just scare away the mosquitos but they leave a pleasant odour.

So use mosquito repellent and be safe and protected from dangerous diseases.

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