Celebrating a clean kitchen on Poila Boishakh

Wednesday, 12/04/2017

I have a problem – my room might not be the cleanest one in the planet, but it has to be pest free, especially my kitchen. No matter what I do, in the kitchen, I like keeping things super-duper clean, and germ-free. One of the reasons why I do this is because of unwanted pests like cockroaches, which have a tendency to crawl into the wrong corner and leave bacteria and germs that harm our body. This especially happens to closets and cupboards, where I hate the way cockroaches tend to gather up during the course of the year, hiding in little corners which are hard to reach, so I cannot even get to them. Cooking is fun, but it is not fun when you realize that there are hidden cockroaches moving around your kitchen, especially on the kitchen sink, trying to spread germs on your plates, and in general, creating severe health hazards, like food-borne diseases or food poisoning. This is why I turn to LAL HIT.


As I like to keep my family safe and sound all through the year, especially during the hot summer months, where the number of pests around the house multiplies like anything, I would say that the best way to keep these out and avoid falling sick is LAL HIT. I use LAL HIT during my monthly kitchen cleaning. I love the long, deep reach nozzle it has, which makes it super easy to get to the odd corners and cracks where cockroaches can hide and breed, and I see how it badly affects them, as they come out of their hiding. The other great part is its smell – most insect repellents smell terrible, but not this one. It has a fresh fragrance, and I don’t have to put a mask on before spraying.

For me Poila Boishakh is all about a new, fresh start, and during these summer months, all I can think of is drinking tall glasses of something icy. So I took my mason jars down from the top shelf where I had hidden them (cockroach-free top shelf, thanks to LAL HIT!), and made myself a glass of Vietnamese Iced Coffee, or Ca Phe Sua Da, which is ruling my life nowadays.

The best part about this recipe is that parts of it can be made and kept for a long time, and when guests come, all you have to do is mix and serve. I used a Vietnamese Coffee Maker, but any Filter Coffee Maker or French Press works too. The key is to brew the coffee first, and getting a medium-ground roast coffee is the key. I used FabIndia Organic Arabica Coffee, which has a fabulous flavor, smoky and mildly bitter.


Start by pouring some condensed milk in the bottom of a glass. I put about a tablespoon of it, but you can add less or more, depending upon your taste.


Then, add two teaspoons of the roasted coffee to the bottom of the coffee maker. For Vietnamese filters, you have to put the cup on the plate, and then pack coffee in it. I used roughly 1 heaped tablespoon of coffee grounds.


Press it down with the help of the plunger-like contraption (you can do the same in filter coffee maker and French press) to get a tight seal. Keep the plunger at this position.
Then, pour over roughly 50-60 ml. boiling hot water. Let this drip for about 4-6 minutes. Remember, the more you let drip, the more bitter your coffee, so wait for it.


Once your estimated time period is up, press the plunger down to get the last few drops out, then mix the condensed milk and the coffee together.
Pour over ice and serve with a straw.


The reason I love Ca Phe Sua Da is because it is really hassle-free and clean-up is easy afterwards. You can also make the coffee in a large batch and keep it in the fridge, taking it out whenever required. I love this drink because it’s a great energy source for me during the sweltering summer months, and it stays in my fridge for a long time. This Poila Boishakh, make this drink to start a new year with something sweet and nice, promising yourself to keep you and your family safe. And LAL HIT really helps in killing hidden cockroaches which can go a long way in doing just that. LAL HIT is the number one item I have in my monthly cleaning regime, and if the kitchen stays pest-free, I can be free of tension about falling sick, and rather, eat, drink and be merry and #SayNoToFoodPoisoning.

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