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Wednesday, 19/10/2016

A worker from a private company fumigates a property for mosquitoes in Port-au-Prince, May 23, 2014. The painful mosquito-borne virus called Chikungunya is spreading quickly through the Caribbean, causing alarm in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic. REUTERS/Marie Arago (HAITI - Tags: HEALTH ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY)

1.Trap with a glass

●Try to move a clear glass onto the surface where the mosquito has landed on.( If it tries to fly away before the whack lands on it, it is then reacting to the rush of air which precedes the strike.)
●One can slide a cardboard or piece of paper between the glass and the surface so to move the trapped mosquito. Squish it by carefully removing the paper and tossing it outside, or one can just leave the trapped mosquito to suffocate.

2.Swat the mosquito

●A newspaper, rolled magazine, or an old paper are all good options for a swat, they increase the force and reach of a swat.
●A book, shirt or any other object will also work, as long as one is prepared to wash the squashed bug off afterward. Once one has killed the mosquito successfully, one can cackle maniacally and just move on with the day.
●One can also purchase a fly swatter for the same purpose, or can choose an electrified one that needs to touch the insect lightly to kill it.

3.Wait for the mosquito to land on a wall

●Just wait for the mosquito to land on a wall. If one continues to follow it with one’s eyes, then this should only take a minute or two.
●And if the mosquito won’t land on the wall, one can kill it by clapping both the hands together around it. This may take several tries.

4.Turn on a lamp or flashlight

●Mosquitoes are attracted to lights and lamps, however if one is already buzzing around the room, then there is no point turning them off. One can keep a bright spot in the room to lure the mosquito.
●Do know that mosquitoes are not attracted to LED lights, sodium lights, and yellow “bug lights”, so they can not be used to attract a single mosquito. Still one can use these as night lighting to reduce or repent the number of mosquitoes.

5.Use temporary measures

●Mosquitoes do tend to avoid smoke, and they will be blasted away by a strong fan. So, if one cares about keeping them away for the next few minutes, it is a good option.
●Using citronella candles are mostly effective. The effectiveness is due to the smoke, not the scent. Any other candle will work almost same.

6.Treat standing water

●Still water is a breeding ground for mosquito larvae. One should regularly empty all rain barrels, pet water dishes, kiddie pools, and other water containers.
●For the sources of water one can’t pour out, one should add an insecticide that is targeted at killing its larvae. However, one must read the warning label on insecticides to find whether young children or pets could be harmed if they drink the treated water.
●Generally, the products which contain bacterial agents to kill the larvae are safer for animal life, rather than chemicals.

7. Mosquito-repelling plant

●Lantana plant is proven to repel mosquitoes but one needs to be aware that this plant can be poisonous to pets and can cause allergic reactions.
●Other plants such as citronella, basil, lemon grass, mint, or any citrus fruit may have a minor effect, but these are to be tried only if one enjoys them in the garden.

8.Spray insecticide

●DEET is the most effective pesticide for repelling mosquitoes, and can kill beneficial insects in the yard as well.
●Other insecticides may cause less collateral damage, but they tend to be short lasting, less effective, or are designed to work on clothing rather than on larger areas.
●Make sure to check the label to see if the pesticide is approved for the intended use by the Environmental Protection Agency or any other regulatory organization.

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