Don’t get bitten by mosquitoes.

Friday, 30/09/2016

Mosquitoes are now causing a lot of diseases. It is one of the major threats in our society right now. Thus, it is very important to prevent it. Some of the common mosquito repellent are usually known to us who include HIT extra. But there are various more repellents which are available to us which we don’t know about. Such repellents are hard to be believed. Some of them include:

If one wants to keep away insects that causes diseases, DEET products are the best solution according to one of study performed by New Mexico State University. DEET is a chemical solution which prevents from insects.
Researchers have also found that a number of perfumes have performed good at protecting one from mosquitoes than many commercial insect repellents. One of them includes Victoria secrets bombshell. It was hard to believe at once but it is true. This is due to presence of a certain content of chemicals that repel mosquitoes.

2. Other solutions
In past, Rodriguez and other researchers from the NMSU’s College of Arts and Sciences have tested the effectiveness of 10 commercially available products that intended to repel mosquitoes. Their research was published in one of the copy of “Journal of Insect Science.”

The products were initially tested against two common mosquito species that included the yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito, both of them are well known to transmit the diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever and others.

People should insure to protect themselves, especially if they travel to the areas where such diseases are common insect repellents are said to be very efficient, but one needs to know out of them which one will work.

Of the repellents tested, three of the commercial sprays contained DEET as one of the active ingredient. It includes Repel 100 Insect Repellent, OFF Deep Woods Insect Repellent VIII and Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent. Whereas four which were checked were DEET-free which mainly includes Cutter Natural Insect Repellent, EcoSmart Organic Insect Repellent, Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent and Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard.

The team also tested two fragrances namely Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume, and a vitamin B1-based Mosquito Skin Patch.

For this, one of the volunteer was chosen and his bare hand was taken as the attractant. The researchers took a fan and pushed the volunteer’s scent through a Y-shaped tube toward him while holding chamber containing about 20 mosquitoes. Upon the release of mosquitoes, if the mosquitoes flew toward his hand it meant that they were attracted to the scent and it won’t stop them. Whereas if they r the mosquitoes either flew away from tube or did not move it would mean that they repelled.

The tests concluded that DEET products where those which mainly repel both of the species of mosquito. The other products gave a variety of results.

The non-DEET repellents majorly had little no effect on the mosquito (yellow fever mosquito). Whereas there was one exception, Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent. It was found that it had similar efficacy to that of the DEET repellents on the mosquito.

Shockingly, the bath oil and perfume also repelled these species for about two hours.

It is known from some accent literature that said fruity, floral fragrances attract the mosquitoes, so one should not wear those but It is amusing to see that the mosquitoes were not attracted to the person that had the Victoria’s Secret perfume. Instead, they were repelled it. The fragrance has a temporary repelling effect.

The DEET-free repellents produce mainly mixed reactions, with the Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard by reducing attraction for 120 minutes and the bath oil had no effect. The skin patch, which is known to claim to repel mosquitoes for up to 36 hours, did not actually repel any of the species.

It is very important to know that what can save us and what cant in order to be “secure”.


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