Home remedies for prevention of dengue

Friday, 23/09/2016

What is Dengue fever?

Dengue is a viral infection caused by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito. There are four distinct serotypes of the Dengue virus (DEN 1, DEN 2, DEN 3 and DEN 4). The symptoms of Dengue appear in 3 to 4 days. High fever accompanied by rashes can be the indication of Dengue. If high fever remains for 3 days then a blood test should be conducted to check if the fever is because of Dengue.
The treatment for Dengue is not specified but it surely is curable. If a person is highly infected or an infant or an old person is severely affected, they’re hospitalised.

Symptoms for Dengue:

The most important characteristic of Dengue is the drop in platelet count. Sometimes, these symptoms may indicate viral but a blood test is a must for confirming. If you have the following symptoms for more than two days, visit a doctor:

1. Sudden high fever
2. Severe headaches
3.Pain behind the eyes
4.Severe joint and muscle pain
5.Exhaustion and fatigue
6. Nausea
7. Skin rash
8. Low blood pressure
9. Cold feet

Home remedies for curing Dengue:


1) Giloy: Giloy is a very important herb in Ayurveda. It helps in maintaining the metabolic rate, helps strengthen the immune system and protects your body against infections. It is recommended that you boil the stems and serve it as an herbal drink. You can also add few Tulsi leaves in the drink.

2) Papaya Leaves: It helps in increasing the platelet count. You can crush the leaves and drink that helps in flushing out the toxins.

3) Fenugreek Leaves: They are known to reduce fever and act as a sedative to ease pain and promote more restful sleep. You can soak the leaves in water and then drink it or you can get methi powder and mix it with water and have it.

4) Goldenseal: A herb whose dried roots are used to make medicines. It has the ability to clear up the symptoms of Dengue. You can use it in the same way like papaya leaves: either by crushing and chewing or by juicing it.

5) Turmeric: It is known for making the healing faster. It is commonly had in the form of ‘haldi dudh’(turmeric with milk) which has been used as a healing remedy in India since ancient times as it helps in the recovery.

6) Tulsi leaves and Black pepper: A drink made by boiling Tulsi leaves and adding about 2g of black pepper to it. It helps in building your immunity and acts as an antibacterial element.

7) Fluids: Drink as much water and fluid as you can because it helps the toxin out. Also, it helps maintain the body temperature.

8) Heavy food: Avoid eating heavy food and fried food as it can cause indigestion and nausea.

9) Coriander leaves: Leaves can be taken as a tonic to help reduce the temperature.

10) Kakamachi :It is a syrup-like drink that can be taken for soothing; a cooling drink to reduce negative toxins. 2 cups a day are the advised dosage.

11) Vitamin C: Fruits rich in Vitamin C are recommended as they help in better absorption of iron.

12) Juices: Pomegranate juice and black grape juice can be taken as they help increase the blood level.

13) Orange juice: It helps with digestion, increases urinary secretion and promotes faster healing.


How to prevent Dengue:

1. Empty the buckets of water so that they do not collect excess water. The water container should always be covered.

2. There should be no stagnant water as it is a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

3. Apply mosquito repellents as much as possible or wear mosquito patches.

4. All windows and doors should be kept closed and should not have holes in order to stop mosquitoes from entering the premises.

5. If someone has Dengue in the house, then make sure to protect the others in the house.

6. Sleeping under a mosquito net is of great help.

7. If you use a cooler, then clean it regularly.

8. Plant a Tulsi plant to keep the mosquitoes away.

9. Always clean the dustbins and do not let any dirt get collected to avoid mosquitoes.

10. Light camphor as it will help in keeping the mosquitoes away.

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