How to build your strength after Chikungunya?

Friday, 30/09/2016

If any one is affected by a disease, it always takes them time for a complete recovery because most of the diseases effect our immune system which in turn effects our strength and makes us weak. Keeping this mind, it is very important to know how to build up our strength after an infection so that we can get back to our normal life as soon as possible. Building up our strength after suffering from Chikungunya is a very essential step in the recovery process. Chikungunya cases have increased lately and there have been a few deaths caused by this disease as well.

Hence, it becomes all the more important for us to know how to build up our strength after suffering from Chikungunya.

In What Ways Does Chikungunya Harm Your Body?

Before knowing more about how to build your strength after Chikungunya, one must know the extent to which Chikungunya affects the body and the basic symptoms of this disease.

• The symptoms of Chikungunya generally start only after 2 to 7 days of being bitten by the infected Aedes aegypti mosquito.

• The initial symptoms of this disease are a high fever (that can reach up to 104 degrees), severe pain in the joints (also known as Arthralgia), sensitivity to light (known as Photophobia), redness in the eyes, muscles pain, headaches, and skin rashes.

• The symptoms in children and older people above the age of 65 differ greatly; such patients generally suffer from an altered mental state. The fever usually drops down after a while but the joint pain can become chronic. In about 10% to 12% of the cases of Chikungunya, joint pain has continued even after the Chikungunya was treated.

How To Treat The Joint Pain?

The joint pain is the most distinguishing symptom of this infection and it can have a long-term effect in your everyday life.

• First of all, to build back their strength, the patient are advised to take a lot of rest.

• Second, patients should drink as much water as possible so that their their body is hydrated.

• Third, physical therapy can help cure this joint pain in some cases.

● Do mild joint exercise regularly.

● Patients can start by walking for 10 to 20 minutes every day at a mild pace. Don’t try to increase the pace until you see an improvement in your health.

● Sit on a chair. Extend one leg parallel to the floor and hold it there for 10 seconds before lowering your leg with the sole placed flat on the floor. Do the same with the other leg.

● Try to stand on your toes with both feet close together and then try placing your heel up and down.

Treating Other Symptoms Of Chikungunya

Apart from the joint pain, you also need to take care of the other symptoms.
• Use herbal soaps, oils and creams for skin irritation due to rashes.

• Keep a check on heart complications, neurological complications, eye complications and other complications that are known to often follow this disease.

• Patients should take proper care of your body. They should not over exert themselves by overdoing the exercises. Do them as much as your body permits and can bear.

• Besides the exercises and keeping a check on the complications, patients should also take maximum fluids during this time while you are regaining your strength.

• Drink as much water, lemon juice and glucose as you can for a speedy recovery.

• And last but not the least; don’t let patient be stressed over their health or anything else. The patient should try and keep themselves as calm and composed as possible and try to rest as mush as possible.

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