In what situations can a person need platelet donations?

Friday, 30/09/2016

You might not aware about the medical issues that prevail in our country as most of people now a days are just too busy and don’t give attention to such things but this article could be of little use to you as it will inform you about the situations in where you might need a platelet donation.

Platelets are tiny cells in our blood that prevent bleeding by forming a clot. When blood platelet count falls below normal, the condition is called thrombocytopenia. Normal platelet counts range from 1,50,000 to 4,00,000 per microliter in the blood. If a number of platelets become too low it may cause spontaneous bleeding.

So platelets are essential for our body, deficiency of which may lead to severe issues like hemorrhages and even deaths. When platelets cannot be produced naturally they are infused artificially through a donor. Platelets transfusion has acted as a life saver for some people.


Here is a list of conditions where a person may need a platelet donation:

1. Cancer

Cancer is one disease that leads to a loss of platelets. The main cause of decreased platelets in cancer is the chemotherapy. So, a person needs platelet transfusion to replenish the supply of platelets failing of which may lead to severe hemorrhages.

2. Bone marrow transplant


People who undergo bone marrow transplant suffer delayed platelet recovery so they need platelets transfusion for several weeks.

3. Leukemia


Leukemia is a type of blood cancer which leads to excessive growth of white blood cells. These white blood cells are not able to produce platelets and RBCs which causes low platelet count. So, a person requires regular transfusion of platelets in order to maintain its supply.

4. Dengue fever


Dengue virus suppresses the bone marrow which leads to a deficiency of blood cells causing low platelet count. Low platelet count in dengue can even lead to the death of a person. So, doctors suggest platelet transfusion to increase the supply of platelets in a patient’s body.

5. Some types of anemia


Anemia is the condition where the formation of red blood cells decreases in blood or they do not function properly due to which platelets count also decreases in blood. When the platelet count becomes too low, a person may need platelet donation from someone.

6. Viral infections including HIV and hepatitis C


Low platelet count in patients with chronic hepatitis C may be the result of several factors like bone marrow inhibition, the decrease of liver thrombopoietin production and an autoimmune mechanism. So, a person may need platelet donor to maintain his supply of platelet. HIV positive people also suffer from low platelets count as certain drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS can damage the bone marrow which hampers the production of platelets. Also, certain AIDS-related conditions like lymphoma can also result in decreased platelet production.

7. Myelodysplasia

Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) are a group of bone marrow disorders in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells. When bone marrow doesn’t function properly it cannot generate platelets so a person might need a platelet donor to ensure a healthy supply of platelets.

8. Heavy alcohol consumption


Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to improper functioning of white blood cells, red blood cells cannot function properly which leads to low platelet formation. If a person is a alcoholic he may face a severe shortage of platelets for which he might need a platelet donor.

9. Folate deficiency


Folate or folic acid is an acid that helps in producing red blood cells. Deficiency of folate acid results in too few red blood cells due to which platelets also gets suppressed. If adeficiency of folate goes beyond the limit it may result in too low platelet production.

10. Hemolytic uremic syndrome

Hemolytic uremic syndrome is a rare disorder which causes the platelets to fall rapidly causing the destruction of red blood cells and malfunction of the kidney. When red blood cells cannot function properly platelets cannot be formed and this may cause a sharp drop in platelets formation which requires a person to inject platelets artificially.

Now that you have got to know so many situations where we can need platelet donations don’t forget to share this article with your friends too and help someone save their life now.

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