Lal HIT keeps your house cockroach-free this festive season

Tuesday, 22/11/2016

My best friend G looks forward to my trips to Delhi, and two seconds after I plonk my bags on the floor, the request comes: Can you please get rid of the cockroaches? Mortified of all sorts of creepy crawlies, she gives me a can of Lal HIT and a big broom, and I walk around the kitchen with a demonic smile on my face, anticipating some serious death rates.

How I deal with the vermin in my house
At home, cleaning out the rooms and making sure every corner is free of cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and other germ-carrying vermin is my duty – it is not a pretty sight, but someone has to do it, and with the sudden spread of a number of diseases which are mostly caused by insects, cleaning out your house is a great idea. Using Lal HIT monthly is a great idea to reduce the roach invasion. Generally, roaches tend to hide in deep corners or places which aren’t easily accessible, and so, they escape easily. Afterwards, they become a huge reason behind food poisoning – often enough leftover food attracts these insects, and it is a great cause for food-borne diseases. They carry with them harmful bacteria and microbes which might cause terrible diseases, and they spread easily, throughout the house, if left unattended, and result in food poisoning.



Saying no to food poisoning
For killing cockroaches, I would have to go with Lal HIT. Not only is it easy to use, but it comes with a thin nozzle which is perfect for inserting into small holes in the wall, or gain access to that not-so-easy-to-access corner, or places like behind the gas cylinder, or pipes, which would be a pain to reach otherwise. The general idea is to spray and wait – within a short time, the effect of Lal HIT would be visible – you would see roaches crawl out, reeling from the spray, and lie down on the floor, dead or unconscious. This is the point when the broom comes in handy – simply sweep up and you would be rid of them for good.

But don’t forget to do this every month – especially this one, where the festive season is going to take a toll on your house. Thanks to the season of merriment, there would be a lot of dirty plates and glasses on the sink which would definitely attract more cockroaches than normal, so it is a great idea to take care of the kitchen well, since your food might get infected and you don’t really want to fall sick during this season. Using Lal HIT is, therefore, a great idea during this festive season, so that you don’t have to worry about your family falling sick thanks to some pesky rodent, and you end up with a happy, strong, healthy family, who would be able to enjoy the season’s joys together. For more, check out hashtag #SayNoToFoodPoisoning and see the awareness-spreading posts.

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