Malaria worldwide

Saturday, 1/10/2016

At present, malaria has infected 96 countries from all around the world, mainly is Asia, Africa, and America. Patients who are usually infected with the malaria causing parasite – Plasmodium have symptoms like high fever, chills, and many other symptoms that range from moderate to severe.
If the disease isn’t treated timely, it can lead to several other serious complications and in many cases this can also cause deaths. There are many parasites that cause Malaria worldwide such as – P. Falciparum, P. Vivax, P. Kansasii, P. Ovale, P. malarie. P. Falciparum and P. Vivax are the most common out of this, while P. Falciparum turns out to be the most dangerous compared to the others. This causes serious health problem in Sub – Saharan Africa.
According to the reports of World Health Organization, 214 million cases of malaria were re-ported worldwide in 2015. Out of them, 400,000 succumbed to this disease.

• Malaria is an issue of worry mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is a noticeable fact that malaria has become the main cause of deaths in countries affected by it.
• The countries which have highly spread malaria, the groups affected mainly are — preg-nant women and younger children. This is because of the less immunity power contained by both the groups.
• Malaria impacts not only a family or a community but affects the entire public health of the country and also the development.
• About 3.2 million humans live in regions where the transmission of Malaria is high. It is very important in such cases to reduce the effects of malaria in the world.

The main goal of the National Malaria Control Program is to decrease the number of cases of malaria and deaths due to it. It is determined to reduce the effects of malaria in the public health area.
Control as a word is different from eliminating or eradicating malaria. Control simply means reducing the cases of malaria and the deaths caused by it while eliminating is meant when the disease is completely disappeared from the world scenario. Eradicating malaria would not be an easy task looking at the extent to which it is spread but the impacts and the cases can be reduced by using certain precautions.

1. First of all, if a person is suffering from malaria the diagnosis and the treatment should be done timely. The antimalarial drugs should be consumed according to the dosage for a speedy recovery and to prevent from further spread of the disease.
• The diagnosis of malaria may be difficult due to the fact that the symptoms of malaria are similar to several viral infections.
• Doctors in malaria — endemic regions may come across a huge load of patient, so it is very important to know how to divide your attention between malaria and other diseases.
• Even the symptoms of malaria can be confusing. In some cases they are uncomplicated while in other cases malaria can be severe. The doctor should be able to differentiate be-tween the two.

2. Now after managing a case, it is very important to help them prevent the disease. The preventive measures are listed below
• Using bed nets sprayed with insecticides – They usually work as a barrier that protects you from the bite of the mosquitoes.
• Nets might vary in its treatment of insecticide. Each net isn’t treated with the same. Make sure to spray the insecticide again after 6 to 12 months.
• The net won’t break until washed or directly exposed under the sun.
• But with the development in science, several companies have developed nets that are long — lasting and don’t need to be retreated.

3. Preventive measures have to be taken by pregnant women and infants.
• The most vulnerable group undoubtedly is pregnant women and infants because pregnancies decrease the immunity in a women and infants don’t have much im-munity to fight diseases.

4. Indoor Residual Spraying
• IRS would prevent your house from malaria by coating the wall and other areas from an insecticide spray in order to prevent it mosquitoes from entering the house.

Usually these 4 precautionary measures are sufficient to reduce the effect of malaria in the world.

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