Natural ways to treat mosquito bites itches

Wednesday, 19/10/2016


Artificial repellents does have disadvantages

Mosquito bites can be painful, especially if it leaves a nasty spot and starts itching. Though, there are way too many artificial repellents available in the market but one has to look for the natural ways as artificial repellents does come with its disadvantages and side effects. Some of the natural ways to treat mosquito bites itches are


It’s not all sweet and sugary. Honey has its own advantages and as honey has antibacterial ingredients, so it helps to treat mosquito bite itches. A dab of honey is required to apply on the mosquito bite to prevent infection.

●Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is an evergreen solution to rashes, cuts and even bites. Its soothing effect is what makes it so special. The same effect draws the sting out and relieves the part which is bitten by the mosquito.


One of the herbs with its own superpowers, Basil isn’t just considered holy only for customary reasons. Its many qualities makes it one of the special herbs that can provide relief from cuts to scratch. It is known as one of the most effective mosquito bite repellent that is available naturally. The basil leaves just needs to be rubbed on the itch and the rest is the magic that is created by basil itself. It also helps with the swelling as it has its anti-inflammatory properties.

Rich in vitamin C, this super fruit makes an excellent remedy to get rid of mosquito bites itches naturally. The directions are simple, either cut a slice and rub it on the itchy part or cut the slices and mix it with few drops of water and soak it in a cotton ball. Apply the same on the affected area to get relief. Though lemon can sting, however, it is the sting that takes the itchy feeling away. Even adding crushed basil leaves to lemon juice and applying is helpful too.

Much like lemons, limes are also helpful to relief the mosquito bites itches naturally. The directions are same as lemons however, the sting varies from person to person.

Apart from its exotic flavour and smell, garlics are one of the best way to relief mosquito bites itches. Just applying garlic to the affected area reduces the itchiness. It is also believed, if someone consumes more garlic then after a point the pores of our body diffuses garlic oils which repels mosquitoes naturally.

Much like garlic, onions also shares the same properties of having exotic flavour and smell. The smell of onions is exactly what repels the mosquito. Just cutting an onion and placing a piece on the affected area, reduces the swelling and also relieves the itchiness.

●Tea Bags
Be it Darjeeling tea or Assam tea, tea bags are much more than making exquisite tea. It helps with mosquito bites itchiness too. The directions are simple, just place the tea bags on the itchy part and leave for few minutes. After that just wash the area and you are done with the tea bag and the itchiness too.

●Peppermint leaves
Remember having those peppermint drinks in hotels, where the staff crushes some peppermint leaves and pours it in the soda? It does feel refreshing and soothing, right? That soothing feeling is exactly what repels the mosquitoes against the peppermint leaves. Crushing the leaves, making the paste and applying the same on the itchy part, cools of the itchy sensation and soothe the area.

The natural repellents that helps us in everyday life

Though there are thousands of anti-mosquito repellents that are available in the market but they sure come with their side effects. While some might give you rashes, others might infect the already infected part. It all depends on the body type. However, with the solutions present in today’s world, homemade or natural solutions are the best because it hardly has any side effects and comes in handy when you are out of artificial repellents. Most of the items in this list are either found in our kitchen or our gardens and if we think about it, then why not take advantages of things that are already present with us.

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