New Beginnings , New Menu on Poila Boishakh

Thursday, 13/04/2017

Festivals almost always manage to bring about a welcome change to the daily monotony of every household routine. The onset of spring announce the period of new beginnings when different communities across India celebrate their New Year. Laughter, cheer, jubilation & excitement conquer the boredom of the mundane days. Poila Boishakh is one such festival that holds utmost importance in every Bengali household as it heralds the start of the Bengali New year. In Bengali word ‘Poila’ means first, and ‘Baisakh’ is the first month in the traditional Bengali calendar. This festival usually falls around 14th / 15th April every year.


Being clean is a very important part of this festival as Bengali folks indulge in a lot of socializing during Poila Boishakh as family & friends pour in with their good wishes and brighten up the house. But of course, the house needs to wear a spic and span look to welcome the guests through the day. Bengalis wake up early, clean the house thoroughly, have a bath, wear new clothes & get into the kitchen to cook the most authentic Bengali delicacies.


No wonder then, Poila Boishakh is the perfect time to plan elaborate menus & experimenting with new recipes for the loved ones. And with kids around the house, one needs to pay extra attention to the cleanliness and hygiene in and around the kitchen. This is where the Godrej LAL HIT with its deep reach nozzle comes handy to every homemaker.


eing the primary care-giver of the house responsible for the well being of the family, I ensure that my kitchen is kept spotlessly clean every day. I take utmost care to keep it free from cockroaches and other insects as it is no secret that they carry germs and bacteria that contaminate food and spread food poisoning. Making the house and kitchen germ proof with Godrej LAL HIT is a monthly ritual I follow without fail , also because there’s a little one around the house & its no secret that children are most susceptible to catch infections. The simple solution that I keep handy is a ready supply of Godrej LAL HIT, which now comes with a really fresh fragrance. One spray from its Deep Reach Nozzle helps me clean every corner, crack and crevice of my kitchen. With the powerful Godrej LAL HIT, its easy to #SayNoToFoodPoisoning.

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Since, Poila Boisakh is the time for new beginnings in a Bengali household, the day is marked by cooking up the quintessential Bengali delicacies. This year I plan to make the traditional favourite Fish fry, a boneless bhetki fillet marinated with spices, crumb coated & then deep fried & best enjoyed with a smear of the pungent mustard sauce.
The Bengali fish fry I am referring to here is not really the everyday ‘maach bhaja’ that Bengalis are also fond of. Maach Bhaja comprises of pieces of fish smeared in turmeric powder and salt and deep fried in mustard oil and served alongside rice, dal or used in the potato jhol or macher jhol (as in Pic above). The ‘fish fry’ is a real delicacy by all standards prepared only on special occasions and is a delicious breaded and fried fish with a spicy aftertaste. This was actually made popular by the famous catering chain “Bijoli Grill” in Kolkata who started serving these at wedding receptions and at their outlets.


Given below is the recipe :-


For the Marination

Fillet of 1 Bhetki
Ginger – Garlic Paste – 1 ½ Tsp
Juice of 1 Red Onion
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Salt & Pepper – as per taste
1 tbsp Green Chilli Paste
Finely chopped coriander leaves

1 egg
Vegetable Oil for deep frying

Wash & dry the fish fillets completely. Cut the fillet into big square pieces
Marinate well with all the ingredients mentioned above and keep in fridge overnight, so that the fillets soak up all the flavours of the spices & herbs.
Before frying the fish fry, beat the egg. Now dip the fillets in the beateb egg & coat it well with the bread crumb & leave it in the fridge for an hour.
Heat enough oil in a kadhai for deep frying the fish.
Release the breaded fish fillets one by one in the hot oil & fry on low heat till the surface is brown & the fish is cooked through.
Serve with Onion rings & Kasundi or Mustard sauce on the side as a first course during dinner or lunch.
So this Poila Boishakh, get ready to don the chef’s hat & cook up a storm in your kitchen by all means. However, don’t forget to keep your kitchen spotlessly clean, insect-free & germ-free with the powerful Godrej LAL HIT every day of the year!

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