Picaridin-precautions & Side-Effect

Sunday, 2/10/2016

Picaridin kills or keeps away insects, ticks and chiggers. It is a synthetic compound made in the 1980s. It resembles to the natural compound piperine, which is found in the group of plants that is used to make black pepper. Picaridin has been widely used as an insect repellent.

What are some products that contain picaridin?

Picaridin is also used on human skin or clothing to repel mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, fleas, and chiggers. These picaridin products can be a pump spray, a liquid, an aerosol, or a wipe. There are about two dozen of products of picaridin for sale in market all over the world specially in the United State. The consumer needs to follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, one must be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully or contact to contact immediately.

How does picaridin work?

Picaridin repels insects and makes them less likely to bite and less dangerous. It blocks the mosquitoes from sensing their prey. Although Picaridin doesn’t kill insects, it tends to make them inactive and senseless.


How might one get exposed to picaridin?

There are four different ways by which people can get exposed to picaridin:

1. Contacting to skin,

2. Contacting to eyes,

3. Breathing it,

4. Eating it.

Picaridin is mainly used directly on the skin. It may also be inhaled or breathe in when sprays are used or sprayed around the body, especially in indoor places where the vapors remain for some time longer. If someone doesn’t
wash hands after applying an insect repellent and then go for having food, it might be possible that they may swallow some amount of picaridin.
Risks of exposure can be reduced by reading the entire label and following all instructions properly.

What are its signs and symptoms?

●Some people have skin irritation by using products containing picaridin, although this is very uncommon in case of picaridin.

●If picaridin gets into someone’s eyes, it may also result in irritation.

● When researchers fed large doses of picaridin to rats, the rats lost weight and their kidneys are affected.

● Picaridin is considered practically nontoxic if it is inhaled.
What picaridin does when it enters the body?

●When picaridin is applied to the skin of rats, 60% of it went through their skin.

● In humans, less than 6% of the picaridin is exposed on skin is absorbed.

● Picaridin can be broken down once it is inside the body.

●Rats and humans excrete almost all of it in their urine within a duration of day of exposure.

Precautions of Picaridin


The necessary steps or counter measures to be taken before using products are as follows:

1.Before using the product of picaridin, the user is required to inform their doctor or pharmacist to check whether
the user is allergic to it or not, or whether the user have a record of other allergies. Permethrin products may cause allergic reaction or many other problems. So it is suggested to contact the pharmacist or doctor before its use.

2.Get your medical history from your consulted doctor, especially about skin infections, asthma, etc.

3.Continuous scratching of the skin or scalp may lead to bacterial skin infection. The user must directly contact to the doctor right away.

4.Doctor should be informed about pregnancy before this medication.

Side Effects of Picaridin

The various reported side effects of Picaridin are:

●The benefit of consulting the doctor before the use of picaridin is advisable. Some people are allergic and some are not allergic to picaridin.

●Skin allergy

●Breathing problems

●Infertility and sterility


●Respiratory disorders

●Brain damage

Picaridin Pesticides provide many essential benefits to the farmers and consumers while controlling pests and preventing disease, as well as they result in increase of crop yield and costs down; however, these toxic chemicals have also affected our health and put us in great danger. And we are completely unaware about how we got exposed to the chemicals.

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