Preventing animals from mosquito bites

Sunday, 2/10/2016

We might have multiple methods to prevent mosquito bites, may it be mosquito repellants, coils, repellant creams or mosquito nets but our furry little friends aren’t as lucky. Most of these products are either harmful to their skin or cause them discomfort. This article will guide you how to prevent mosquito bites on our animals and what to keep in mind while doing so.

Dangers of mosquito bites on pets

Pets are provided with a natural protection of fur but certain parts of their bodies are still exposed and vulnerable to mosquito bites. A pet is most vulnerable after grooming as it has considerably less fur and mosquito bite is a common when the animal has lesser fur on their body. Pets feel a similar itch and discomfort due to mosquito bites as we do, but we cannot always find out the root cause of their discomfort and thus mosquito control is essential.

The biggest threat to your pet


Heartworm disease

Heartworm disease is caused by a tiny worm that dwells in your pet’s heart and veins and can grow up to a feet long if not taken care upon. Needless to say this can be fatal to your pet as these worms leech off the host’s body and travel in the veins. A slight blockage and your beloved animal may lose its life.
Heartworm disease is spread if a mosquito bites an infected animal which then bites another healthy animal.Heartworm offspring easily can be carried by one mosquito to another and then the heartworm dwells on the host’s nutrition. Although a blood test can determine if the animal has heartworm or not, the animal will have to undergo excruciating pain to get cured.

Available Methods to keep your pet safe

There are repellants for pets available in the market but these are pretty expensive as the chemicals
suited to animals are a rare few and they aren’t mass produced. If you’d rather go for natural methods
to keep mosquitoes away from your pet, here are a few substitutes for you.


Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

The most effective repellent right now is Repel lemon eucalyptus oil. This natural repellent is proven safe for Humans as well as animals. Providing a protection from mosquito bites for two hours it is a great option if you don’t mind the smell.
Available online, you can now order this natural repellent if you don’t want your pet to face the atrocity
done to their skin by chemicals.

Germanium and Soybean Oil

Ranked second as the most effective natural repel a line of natural products now use them. The most prominent being the PetFresh bite blocker, this repel can protect your animal from mosquito bites for up to four hours. Directly applied on your animals skin and massaged over your coat, this repel is very friendly to your animal’s skin


A known natural repel, citronella candles and incense are used to ward off mosquitoes. Although they don’t protect the animal at all times as the pet may wander off away from the candles, they are an effective repel and can be used as an add-on to other repels.
-Lemon or any other Citrus juice

The smell of citrus juices keeps the mosquitoes away. This can be used to our advantage as citrus juice isn’t toxic to animals. It can be squeezed and the juice can be directly applied to the animal’s fur. You can store the juice in a container and spray the juice on your animal’s coat if you wish

What not to do?

-Animal skin is very sensitive and therefore you should not use products intended for humans on them.

-Products intended for Humans have oils and chemicals in them which may not suit the animals and their skin may react to the same.

-Consult your vet before using any chemical repel directly on your pet’s skin.

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