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Saturday, 1/04/2017

Holi is celebrated as the festival of colours widely.

Holi, this year is on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun i.e the 13th of March. Holi heralds the arrival of spring – the season of hope and new beginnings. It is a glorious spectacle, a riot of colours – crimson, red, pink, orange, purple, yellow and green. ( Btw. Did you know that the practice of throwing coloured powder gulal or coloured water on each other is in remembrance of the celestial fun Lord Krishna have had playing hori (songs) with the gopis (female cowherds) at Gokul.? )

Another inseparable component of Holi is the Holi- special food. While the taste and culture changes from place to place, the love for food runs thick all across. Take the case of the holi-special drink Thandaai, I am sure you have had tasted it sometime already 🙂 There’s much more food-choices even beyond. For e.g. Maharashtrians prefer Puran Poli while North Indians prepare Shakarpara and gujjias – a sweet samosa filled with mava, coconut, dry fruits which is fried and dipped in a sugar syrup. Gujaratis make sweet khichidi and sweets like kheer, basundi and halva.

Let me, at this point, tell you the special way I have been celebrating Holi since years, and how love & food play all-important roles there.

So, it’s been 10 years that I have adopted 28 underprivileged kids and my Holi is all about being the entire day with them, preparing special food for them and ensuring that I truly make the day about love, bonding’s and hopefully great beginnings.

I feel playing the mother of 28 kids comes with a lot of responsibilities too. For e.g. the cleanness and rigour that I put into making the Holi-special dishes for them. A lot of this discipline starts with how I keep my kitchen hygienic, which means I go beyond what is superficial & take care of the hidden dangers too. Just like cockroaches, while there are few one can see at any point of time, there are possibly scores of them at any point of time hiding in hard to reach corners like under the cylinder, sink, cracks and crevices of your kitchen

Cockroaches carry deadly germs and bacteria. They come behind the back, crawl on food and utensils, contaminate food and spread Food Poisoning. While family members and guests suffer, kids are the first ones to get these infections. Thankfully I got educated on this year’s back by a close friend who introduced me to the (possibly only) solution – LAL HIT

LAL HIT eliminates not just the visible but the hidden cockroaches too. It comes with a Deep Reach Nozzle that eliminate roaches even in the deep corners, cracks and crevices.


Thanks to LAL HIT as a part of my monthly kitchen-cleaning ,now when I am playing mother to the 28 kids and cooking a storm for them, I know I have done the best to save them from food poisoning spread by hidden cockroaches too.

(Not to mention the pleasant fragrance that it comes in that keeps even the ones allergic to the quintessential ‘pest-solution’ smell, happy)

And by the way this is a sneak peek to one of the special dishes that I have planned for this year’s HOLI. Leave your reaction as a comment … 🙂


gulab jamun mix 3/4 cup
Whole wheat flour 3/4 cup
Powdered sugar 3/4 cup
Milk 1 cup
Oil 1/4 cup
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Baking soda 1/4 tsp
Chopped cashew or almonds 2-3 tbsps(optional)
Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp


Sift the whole wheat flour with baking powder and soda well..

Add the powdered sugar and gulab jamun mix and mix well…

Add the oil and add the milk little by little till a lump free batter is formed.

Pour batter in greased tin and bake it 180 degrees for 25-30 mins or till done

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