Simple and Effective ways to stay clear of Food Poisoning

Thursday, 22/09/2016

‘Food Poisoning’ two often used words that bring visions of nausea, discomfort, stomach ache and strike fear into the hearts of anyone who’s just about to have a meal.

Food poisoning occurs when you consume food that has been contaminated by viruses, bacteria or harmful materials. Usually, though, it is bacteria that spread on your food and infect it, causing food poisoning. Often, bacteria infect food due to improper handling or storage of food.

What’s worse is that, for person enjoying his or her meal, there is almost no way that they can tell that the food is infected until after their meal.

But it doesn’t stop there; popular wisdom would have us believe that food poisoning only occurs when you eat food from a restaurant, café or canteen and that food prepared at home is rarely poisoned. Yet, this far from the truth. The way food is prepared, stored, handled and kitchen cleanliness have a direct impact on food poisoning. And these factors affect your food even in your own kitchen.

While Food poisoning is horrible, there are some simple and effective kitchen cleanliness tips that can help reduce your chance of getting food poisoning and thus keep you safe:
Don’t leave any food uncovered. Uncovered food attracts insects, cockroaches and flies that carry bacteria that cause food poisoning. If food is exposed to them the chance of getting poisoning increase drastically.

• Always wash your hands when preparing food. Also ensure that you don’t scratch or rub any part of your skin when working with food. Touching a part of your skin and then processing food, can move bacteria from your skin to the food and thus infect the food.

• Don’t sneeze or cough around food or if you have already, then dispose of the food in a safe manner. Any such food poses a serious rick of food poisoning.

• High risk foods like milk, meat and eggs have a high moisture content and need refrigeration. When exposed to room temperatures these foods can get infected very quickly and thus must be handled with extra caution.

• Make sure that all your kitchen surfaces are wiped clean after every use. There should be no crumbs or excess food left uncared for in the kitchen, as this attracts bugs and insects that can poison your food.

• Use Lal HIT, our Crawling Insect Killer, in and around your kitchen. This will help remove any disease causing insects from your kitchen and greatly reduce the risk of your food getting infected. Please ensure that you give enough time between using Lal HIT and preparing your food.

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