Step by Step Guide to Cleaning your Living Room

Friday, 23/09/2016

So you come home after a long day and flop into the sofa and somehow your tired eyes are drawn to the switchboard. There, now that you have seen the dirt that has gathered on it, you cannot unsee it. And you realize it is not alone. Your entire living room is filled with dirty spots. There is the fan that needs cleaning, the sofa that needs to be vacuumed and these are only the visible areas.
Worried your living room is dirtier than you think it is? We’ll guide you through a step by step procedure to clean it up

Identify the Hidden Areas

• The space behind the sofas

• The top of shelves

• The floor surface below the carpet

• Intricate showpieces

• Blades of the fan

• Switchboards

• Curtain Rods

• Door Knobs and Handles

How to go about Cleaning


Your living room also doubles up as your dump. The task of cleaning it begins with removing things that are not needed. Put away old newspapers, leaflets and magazines that are piling up.

•Dust and Sweep

Use a dry cloth to remove dust from surfaces of furniture. Also dust the fan blades and lamp shades. You can sweep the corners and edges to the same effect.


Once you are done with dusting, vacuum all the objects that can vacuumed like carpets, sofas and curtains.

•Wipe & Mop using Microfiber Cloth

Once you are doing with the dusting and vacuuming, it’s time to do the dirty job. Wet a microfiber in soap water and use it to remove greasy dirt that accumulates on fan blades. Also, check your table tops for cup stains in case you forgot to use a coaster. Microfibers can also be used to clean intricate showpieces, curtain rods, door knobs, handles and switch boards.

• Disinfect with Lal Hit

Just mopping and scrubbing is not enough. You need to make sure your living room is germ free. Spray Lal Hit to make sure there are no cockroaches hidden in the corners.
Once you carry out all the steps you know your living room will not only be clean and disinfected but also fresh. If you have any tips of your own on how to clean your living room, share them in the comments below.

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