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Friday, 7/04/2017

Coakroach infestation is one of the most terrifyiong realities since ages. Mother the matriarch, the moving force behind the family has been pestered by these bugs since times immemorial. They can thrive and multiply under any given circumstances and the kitchen is their favourite den. They carry germs and bacteria which cause deadly diseases like cholera, food poisoning, thyroid and other stomach related complications. The children are most vulnerable, thus mothers have been searching for an effective remedy against the “roach invasion”. The biggest problem is, these cockroaches hide in hard- to -reach places. The need of the hour in every household is an effective remedy to this nuisance.
The LAL HIT is the one stop solution for this ‘roach’ invasion. Regular use of LAL HIT irradicates cockroaches. The LAL HIT comes with a deep reach nozzle which helps to “seek and kill”.
I was born in a South Kolkata Bengali family and take pride in calling myself a proper Bong. Bengalis as you all know are hardcore foodies. We can’t survive without our daily dosage of “maach bhaat”. Thus kitchen is a sacred place where the bengali matriarch spends most of her life. I have seen my Maa fight these pests since time immemorial. Our house like a typical Bengali house has open shelves where all the spice bottles, utensils are kept. There shelves had been a haven to these coakroaches. I clearly remember how, one night I entered my kitchen and was horrified to find it swarming with coakroaches. Our family was continuously suffering from food poisoning and other enteric diseases. But everything changed…

One day Maa bought “LAL HIT” . The red bottled wonder changed everything. LAL HIT comes with a deep reach nozzle and has a fresh fragrance. With it my mother killed the coakroaches, even the hidden cockroaches. Now she uses it regularly and I can proudly say that our house it free of this pest nuisance.
Poila Boishakh is knocking at the door and my mother is planning to cook up a storm in the kitchen and she no longer has to fear from the coakroaches. Our roots are in Bangladesh and my mother takes pride in cooking some delicious ‘opar bangla’ dishes. I want to share my mother’s recipe for all those mothers for whom LAL HIT proved to be the true ‘maai ka laal’.
My mother’s Poila Boishakh recipe-
Muri Ghonto (A curry made with fish head and bashmati rice) for 2 people
head of a Rohu or Katla
Basmati Rice (Around to small cups, soaked for about 1 to 2 hours)
Bayleaves (2 pieces), ginger garlic paste, coriander powder (1tsp), garam masala, salt, sugar, ghee.
2 potates sliced into 8 pieces.
First fry the sliced potatoes and set them aside ( you can first slightly boil and then fry).
Similarly deep fry the fish head and keep it aside.
Fry the rice in ghee.
In a wok heat around 4 to 6 tsp of mustard oil , also add ard 1 tsp of ghee. Add the bay leaves and some whole garam masala .
Make a mix of coriander powder, tumeric powder, ginger garlic paste, 1tsp of chilly powder (optional), sahi garam masala (half tsp). Add the mixed spices also add sugar and salt and saute until they release oil.


Add the fried potatoes and the fried fish head and the fried rice. Now mix everything and leave it to shimmer after you cover the wok for around 15 to 20 minutes. At the end add some ghee and a sliced green chilly and the dish is ready to be served.

So now as Poila Boishakh is here, herald this Bengali new year with LAL HIT. The ultimate solution to the ever ending pest problem.
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