Things travellers should carry to keep mosquitoes away

Wednesday, 19/10/2016

Mosquitoes are a major source of worry and anxiety in a lot of places especially in tropical countries. This is because of the immense dangers they produce through preying upon human blood and spreading harmful diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, Zika virus, West Nile virus, etc. These diseases and illnesses can prove to be lethal and life threatening for a lot of people. When on a huge scale, they can even become an epidemic or pandemic.

1.Reason for caution for travellers

The danger that mosquitoes bring to the local people is disastrous, but if it comes in contact with foreigners and people travelling from other countries, it can become a cause of spreading the disease across continents and countries.

This implies that when a traveller comes to a particular area infected with a special disease, they are most plausible to carry the infection back to their home towns on their return. In this way, travelling can increase the risk of spreading of the disease and turning it into an epidemic or pandemic by a huge range.

2.Influence of geographic locations

Through the art of travelling, people seek to visit new places with a different set of topography, climatic and weather conditions, cultures and practices, a major factor pools in to influence the risk of attaining mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses. In this way, geography plays an extravagant role and should be given utmost attention while planning a trip or a vacation. Being aware of the exposure at peak times is not only necessary but majorly significant as it all relates to the health of an individual.

If any particular area is in the news for being contaminated by some mosquito-borne disease, it is advisable to postpone or cancel the trip to that place for risk of capturing the illness. One should make a detailed research upon the place travelling to, their weather conditions and how susceptible they are to illnesses that are mosquito-borne so that necessary precautions can be taken by the traveller.

3.Things travellers should carry

There are a few items that are necessary to be carried with by all people planning a trip to any location or district. The list that follows should be carefully considered before beginning a voyage.

●Mosquito repellents

It should be a no brainer to carry a lot of mosquito repellent in the backpacks as you begin your journey to unexplored place. Mosquito repellents can be purchased as per personal desire and requirement. They come in a variety of types with specialized ingredients and the products range from sprays and pumps, coils, to creams, lotions, oils, etc.

A person might face difficulty in packing pumps, sprays or aerosol mosquito repellents. In such a case, it is most convenient if they take a cream-based, lotion-based or oil-based mosquito repellent because it serves a dual purpose; protects against mosquitoes and moisturises the skin at the same time. In this way, one would not have to carry an extra moisturizer on the trip and this would save space in the luggage. But make sure to not compromise on health.

Similarly, mosquito repellent sprays also sometimes work as perfumes or air fresheners. One can choose from the wide range available to select something to suit their personalized taste.

●Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are another necessity for every traveller. Nobody knows of the kind of accommodation where they would live in in the foreign land. A lot of people also choose to camp out and be adventurous, further increasing their exposure and risk to getting bitten by mosquitoes. Hence, mosquito nets should be carried to protect oneself for living purposes.


●Full pants

Mosquitoes are most commonly known to attack the legs and lower body parts of humans to suck and feed on the blood, in this process also transmitting diseases. Hence, it’s safe to say that travellers should definitely carry a pair of full
pants, especially to be worn in evenings and during the night for utmost protection.

●Mosquito patches

A recent advent has been of manufacturing mosquito patches. It’s a tiny product that repels mosquitoes and takes up close to minimum space in your luggage. It’s a complete solution for easy and comfortable luggage along with safety from diseases.


●Basic medicines

Basic medicines to prevent rashes, quick bites etc should be carried along at the advise of the medical practitioner. Creams and medications against allergies help in prevention from catching diseases, at times.

Prevention is definitely better than cure, and one must follow these instructions and keep these items to safeguard themselves against mosquitoes’ bites in foreign lands.

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