Things travellers should carry to keep mosquitoes away

Wednesday, 19/10/2016


The common question while travelling to India?

Travelling can be tough, especially when you are going unprepared or going to a place during an epidemic. One of the most common question from foreign travellers about India is, “why there is a mosquito problem in India?” or “what should they carry to keep away from mosquitoes, when they are in India?” This isn’t just about India, even other countries suffer from the same problem.

Actually, to be honest, mosquito borne diseases are becoming worldwide threat day by day and the only thing people can do is to take precautions. So, what to carry while travelling to keep the mosquitoes away?

●Using the correct mosquito repellent

Though it goes without saying to carry mosquito repellent while travelling but choosing the correct mosquito repellent is also important while packing bags. DEET is said to be the standard mosquito repellent and the same should be carried while traveling.

●Alternative repellent

DEET can be infectious at times and is not suitable for all skin types. To not risk it, it is advisable to carry an alternative repellent along with the one that is used regularly. For this case, a permethrin solution can be carried along with the DEET solution

●Light coloured clothes

Many people don’t take a notice of this, but mosquitoes are generally attracted to dark coloured clothes, whereas, light coloured clothes repels mosquitoes and are also cooler and comforting.

●Long sleeves and pants

While travelling to a place which might be affected by mosquito borne disease, it is advised to carry clothes that have long sleeves so that they can cover the bare skin and save the traveler from mosquito attack.

●Using Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE)

Oil of lemon eucalyptus is one of the best mosquito repellent out there and carrying it is a must while travelling, to avoid mosquito bites.



●Mint oil

Mint is loved by almost everyone. The strong refreshing smell of mint is what people love. From mint tea to mint chewing gum, but it isn’t all food. Mint is one of the best mosquito repellent and applying mint oil repels mosquitoes. Hence, this should be in any traveler’s list who is planning to keep mosquitoes away.

●Peppermint toothpaste

This is a substitute that the travellers can carry if mint oil is not found. It is not only an excellent mosquito repellent but peppermint toothpaste also lightens the skin tone which is generally caused by mosquito bites.


●Mosquito coils/cards

Though this can be found in any place where the traveler decides to travel but to be on the safer side, mosquito coils or cards should be carried as hotel rooms can be shabby at times, which means there is a chance that mosquitoes might breed there, hence carrying mosquito coils does seem reasonable.

●Mosquito nets

This is a must if anyone is planning to travel to any place in India. Though it can be found anywhere but mosquito nets are one of the common and most effective solution to keep mosquitoes away. This is especially true if we are considering hotels to live in.

Other important tips to keep away from mosquitoes

●Living in an air conditioned room

Though this is not something to carry but while travelling, a traveler can check in an air conditioned room. Air conditioners have automatic insect repellents and then the temperature is too cold for the mosquitoes to enter the room. When an air conditioned room is not found, one can use the mosquito nets, as the pores inside it are big enough so the air passes and small enough so the mosquitoes can’t enter it.

●Checking in hotels with running water and flushable toilets

Mosquitoes generally breed in standing water and that is the reason why mosquitoes are found during floods or rains when standing or stagnant water is common. Yes, prevention is to be taken and travelers are supposed to carry things to get rid of mosquitoes but even working on these tips can be live saving.

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