Tips for first time platelet donar

Wednesday, 19/10/2016

When donating for the first time its common to hear these words “Lie down, sleeves up and be a hero, save someone’s life”. Every three seconds a patient needs platelet. A single platelet donation can be helpful to three adults and six children. There are certain rules and procedures for a first time donor.

●The donor must be at least 17 years old. In some countries a 16-year-old can donate under parent’s approval.

●The minimum weight should be 46 kg (100 lbs).

●Be in a state of good health and should feel good.

The tips for first time platelet donor can be categorised into three categories:

1.Before donation

2.During donation

3.After donation


Platelet donation is a 90-minute process, that includes taking blood from donor, separating platelets from blood and returning back the blood to the donor.
Platelet donation may take about 2 hours also in some cases. The process of platelet donation is safe, sterilized, and involves little bit of discomfort or no discomfort. A healthy donor can donate up to every 56 days that’s six times in a year. Although platelets can be donated up to 24 times a year.

BEFORE DONATION: before going for donation

●Eat iron rich food to increase iron level in blood. Food like spinach, meat, fish, beans etc, are rich in iron content.

●Get a nice sleep at least for 8 hrs.

● Drink more and more fluids. Drink at least 16oz. of water before the donation.

●Too much fat in the blood may result in infectious disease during blood testing .so avoid eating fatty foods like burger, chilli potato, momos, etc, before donation. Eat a healthy meal before donation.

●It is important to free aspirin from body before 2 days’ prior donation.

● A Donor must always carry an identity card along with them.

●Always wear clothes whose sleeves can be folded up to elbow. It makes the doctor’s job easy to draw blood through needle.

●Sit or lie down in a relaxing posture during the donation.

●Listen to music, don’t panic, talk to other donors or read books.

●Laying down on bed is advisable during blood donation.

●Immediately after donation, it is preferred to consume snacks and drinks to balance the blood pressure of the body.

●The doctor should be informed, if the donor has a preferred hand for donation.

●Avoid alcohol for the next 24-hours.

●Drink more and more fluids.

●Drink up extra 6 glasses of water over the 24 hours of donation.

●To stop excess blood from peeping out of arm, doctor stick bandage to the skin. Remove that bandage within next hour after donation.

●Clean the area around the bandage with soap and water to avoid rashes.

●Do not indulge in weight lifting or any activities like exercise for the rest of the day.

●If blood starts to peep out from the needle site, raise up your arms for 10 to 15 minutes till the bleeding stops.

●Don’t immediately stand up after donation blood.

●Lay down for few minutes after donating blood.

●If you feel dizziness or light-headedness, immediately sit down, stop what you are doing.

●Fainting may result in injury. Lay down if you feel you might faint.

●Consume food containing iron after donation.

The whole process can be summarized into the following steps:
●Be healthy and fit.

●Wait aside for at least 3 hours as platelet donation is a long process.

●Wear comfortable clothes.

●Stay hydrated

●Bring movie, music and stuff along with you.

●Squeeze arm after donation.

●Consume snacks and drinks after donating.

●Take proper rest.

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