Tips to prevent mosquito breeding

Wednesday, 19/10/2016

Before knowing the tips of prevention of mosquito breeding, we should get familiar to the term MOSQUITO BREEDING. Mosquito bites are more than just being itchy or irritating; they can actually cause severe diseases in many cases. One of the most efficient and easiest ways to help prevent mosquito bites is to prevent mosquito from breeding.

“One small bite, many big problems”, this tag line makes a lot of sense for people who have been affected by mosquito born diseases or at risk. The mosquito saliva causes a mild allergic reaction. To relieve from those itchy, red bump, we either need to deactivate the reactive chemicals in the saliva, which is what ultimately causes the discomfort. A single mosquito
bite can result in dangerous illness or virus. Once a mosquito finds a suitable habitat, they start breeding, multiplying themselves, biting people, infecting them, etc. According to a research, on an average, a mosquito multiplies within 4 to 5 days, but in cold climate conditions it may take 10 to 12 days.


The most common breeding grounds for mosquitos are as follows:

● Bird food bowls

●Old Tyres

●Open and old Containers – Cans, jars, bottles or things that can hold a little or as much amount of water required for breeding.

●Hollow Trees

● Gardens & Ponds

● Pools


The conclusion is any area where there is standing water is a possible source for mosquito breeding!

Hence, it becomes necessary to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. The best way to manage mosquitoes from breeding are listed below:

●The main source of mosquitoes breeding is water. Any collected or left over water storage or rain water, water left in swimming pools or near pounds are the major areas one need to take care of.

So, always empty, drain, and cover all the things that can or may hold water.

●Things to keep in mind are old stuff like tires, empty bottles, buckets, empty pots and other containers can result in left over water storage. Empty and drain all of the water and cover them up to block or stop more water from gathering.

●When we water your plants, the excess water is collected in the pans passing through the soil. If the plants are outdoor or kept outside, these collection pans are a major location for mosquitoes to breed.So, always check water collection pans of plant pots.

●Leakage of water in house or flats is common. Hence there is a great need of regular plumbing. Water leakage can be from window air conditioners where water is drained at a place sometimes results in formation of pools. We need to repair such problems to minimize water collection as much as possible.So, prevent outside leakage.

● Gutters and drains are source of standing water and a major threat for people living nearby. If they are not kept clean and covered, they will trap water during the next rainfall instead of draining. Mosquitoes will then breed in this water.So, check and keep the rain gutters and drains clean.

●Maintain swimming pool, use water filters, keep it clean with proper care and chlorine.


●Prevent all the other sources of standing or collected water. Standing water is one of the most vulnerable breeding spot for mosquitoes. Mostly, it becomes a difficult task to determine the standing water or it becomes nearly impossible to find all the areas of standing water and draining them as soon as possible.

●However, there are some steps or precautions we can take to stop water from collecting up. Throw out unused pots or bins, or turn them upside down.

●Keep trash, garbage and dustbins covered.

●Keep a weekly check over the rain barrels and water tanks.


There is a very famous saying, “prevention is better than cure” and it totally applies when it comes to mosquito breeding.

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