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Wednesday, 19/10/2016

What attracts the mosquitoes?
It wouldn’t have been much of a problem if all mosquitoes did was suck blood away but along with that they also spread deadly diseases which is harmful for people and the environment as well. One of the reasons why more mosquitoes can breed is because of non-supervision of proper sanitization. If we find ways to prevent mosquito breeding then half of the battle is won and we
can live in a much safer environment. However, there are many ways to prevent mosquito breeding.
●Clearing the area of standing water
This is not rocket science, standing water is always an open invitation to the mosquitoes. Things like birdfeeders or large containers than might have water should be emptied every once in a while.

●Turning over buckets or flower pots that are not use
By doing this, we are preventing from collecting any excess water that might breed mosquitoes. Even when it rains and pots aren’t cleared, it can be a place where mosquitoes can start breeding.

●Drilling holes in tires
Old tires that are not in use is an opportunity for the mosquitoes. By drilling holes in the same, we are not only preventing any stagnant water to stay but are also making sure that mosquitoes do not find a new home there.

●Cleaning clogged gutters or drains
We have come across clogged drains, at least once and the reason for the same can be plastics, dry leaves or other things too. What we don’t realize is, this makes an excellent home for the mosquitoes, hence cleaning them and making sure they are not clogged is a good way to ensure that we are preventing mosquitoes from breeding.


●Cleaning and chlorinating swimming pools
This is of course when you have one. Uncleaned swimming pools are a good way to attract mosquitoes and so cleaning and chlorinating it regularly is one of the solutions.

●Not overwatering plants
Plants do not consume more water if we overwater them. However, what we don’t realizeis, doing so is an invitation to the mosquitoes as well.


●Applying mosquito repellents
Mosquito repellents should be applied in most of the exposed area in evening, as most of the mosquitoes are active after sunset.

●Covering or cleaning dustbin
Most of us do not realize it but mosquitoes can breed inside our houses too. An open dustbin is an easy place for the mosquitoes as it already contains trash. Secondly, not cleaning it regularly is an invitation to mosquitoes and other bugs too.

●Emptying the water tray of coolers
Even when it is not in use, water trays should be cleaned every day or almost every alternative day.

●Drain it out
This is to be done especially during rainy season. Once it stops raining, just go outside and take a look, if you find any standing water then drain it out then and there. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes especially during rainy season.

●Fixing leaky faucets
Faucets, sprinkler or any other thing that might leak should be either thrown away or fixed.

●Filling tree holes
Filling tree holes with sand can be an excellent way to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

●Trash out day

Just like cleaning the dust bin, taking the trash out every day or every alternative day is a must to live in a healthy environment and to avoid mosquitoes from breeding.

●Storing unused tires
Unused tires should be either kept inside the garage or holes should be drilled into it sothat mosquitoes doesn’t take it as an opportunity to breed.

Why should we depend on others?
A common thing between all this tips are, they come under our daily activity. We are not taking any extra measures by doing these works. In fact it is just a reminder about what happens when we don’t do our regular duties to maintain safety and hygiene standards. To get started, we need to stop thinking that “someone else might do it”. Because that “someone else might think that others will do it. Instead of thinking someone else will do it, you can get up and actually do your duties.

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