Ushering a pest free Jamai Sashti with LAL HIT

Thursday, 11/05/2017

Mrs. Mukherjee is extremely busy these days. She is curating a lavish spread for “Jamai Sashti” this year. This is the first time that she will welcome her son-in-law on the auspicious day. She has been mentally working out everything with great precision for quite sometime. Being a good cook she is planning to cook up a storm. She smiled to herself remembering something.. In not so distant past rather some months ago her kitchen had become the hub of cockroaches. They were everywhere, under the cylinder,sink,cracks and crevices. Her family’s health and hygiene started bothering her, the risk of food poisoning lurked in every nook and corner of her favorite room. Then one day she found the ultimate savior- LAL HIT.

She bought a 400 ml bottle of LAL HIT from the nearby variety store (priced at Rs 172). She started using it regularly and with its Deep Reach Nozzle. Even the hidden cockroaches were killed . LAL HIT now comes in a fresh fragrance. she doesn’t have to bother about the cockroaches, LAL HIT is there to take care of the pests like cockroaches. LAL HIT has now become her monthly kitchen cleaning regime.
What is Jamai Sashti?
Jamai Sashti is a Bengali festival celebrated in the Bengali month of Jaishtya. This is essentially celebrated to strengthen the bond between the son-in-law (Jamai) and mother-in-law(Sasuri). The highlight of the festival is the lavish spread (poncho byanjon). The ‘Sasuri’ prepares many items for the ‘Jamai’. Apart from this, he is gifted with new clothes. Mostly it’s about giving a royal treatment to the son-in-law.
As it is a known fact bengalis are absolute foodies known for their special love for Bhaat(Rice), March(Fish), Mangsho(Meat).
Here are 2 items(and their recipes) that will feature in any Jamai Sashti menu.
Bhapa Chingri (Steamed Prawns)
Ingredients- 【Tiger Prawns-500gms】, 【Turmeric-2 pinch】, 【Salt,according to taste】, 【1/2Coconut, grated】, 【Mustard Oil, 1/2cup】, 【Mustard Paste, 1/2 cup】, 【Green Chillies-4】
Clean the prawns and remove the hard shells and keep it aside.
Now in a steel tiffin box mix all the ingredients .
Add the prawn in the mixture and mix well. Add the green chillies, after slitting them slightly.
Place the lid of the tiffin box and seal it.
Now add 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker and place the sealed tiffin box. Place the lid of the cooker. Let it shimmer. Turn of the gas , the moment the cooker starts whistling .

Kosha Mangsho (Chicken in a thick gravy)
Ingredients-【Chicken(preferably boneless)-1kg】, 【Onions-Ard 250grams】, 【Capsicum-1】, 【Bell Pepper-1】, 【Broccoli】,【Ginger garlic paste-200gms】, 【Chilly Powder-2tsp】, 【Tumeric-2tsp】, 【Ghee-1tsp】, 【Curd-100gm】,【 Mustard oil】
Clean the chicken thoroughly. Marinate the chicken with Ginger Garlic Paste, Chilly Powder, Curd. Let it rest overnight.
In an wok add around 4 tsp of Mustard oil, add red chillies and when they turn blackish add onions. Add salt and sugar. Fry them until they turn golden brown. Let it cool for a while.
Now make a Paste of the fried onions, capsicum and bell pepper.
In an wok heat around 4 to 5 tsp of Mustard oil, add some 1 tsp of ghee. Once the oil is heated , add the Paste and fry it till it starts releasing oil.
Now add the marinated chicken, wrap in in the gravy, add salt and sugar. Place a lid on the wok and let the gravy shimmer, sprinkle a little water, once a while. Serve once the chicken in cooked properly.
This “Jamai Sashti” , the Mukherjee household will be all decked up and ready. Mrs Mukherjee will welcome her ” Meye Jamai”. There will be fun, frolic, festivity and food. Among all this Mrs Mukherjee will not forget to thank LAL HIT, her saviour. Now LAL HIT also comes with a refreshing fragrance which shall make her whole occasion a perfect one, with delicious food and aroma so good.

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