Why flies are more dangerous than you think

Monday, 19/09/2016

Sitting at home one day, you notice a fly buzz overhead. The noise may make you want to reach out for a newspaper and take a swing at it. Yet as you watch it hover away, you accept two things: first, that you aren’t fast enough to HIT a fly with a newspaper. Second, since flies don’t bite, why are they considered dangerous?

Flies don’t bite or sting and thus may give the impression of being benign. Yet, house flies, cluster flies and stable flies spread over 200 diseases to people. Flies are attracted to rotting food, trash and manure, and when flies sit on these things, they pick up pathogens present in them. When the flies then sit on us or sit on surfaces, tables, chairs that we come in contact with, the pathogens get transferred to us. These are serious pathogens that spread diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, and Typhoid, among many others.

Yet it doesn’t stop there, having even one fly in your home or office can be a problem. If the problem goes unchecked, the flies can breed, increasing their numbers and becoming a bigger threat to people. The only way to protect yourself and the people you care about, is to ensure that you remove as many flies in your environment as possible.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to do just that:
• We are most vulnerable in our kitchens and bathrooms. In kitchens, make sure that you remove any crumbs and that all utensils used are washed and wiped immediately after use. Sanitize or deep clean your bathroom as regularly as possible.
• Ensure that all the mesh doors and windows in your house or office can be properly closed. This help in keeping any flies out.
• Give special attention to drains in and your home and office. The drains should not be blocked in any way and should be covered at all times.
• Remove anything that attracts flies; ensure that any food waste or trash is regularly removed from your home or office space.
• Make sure that all dustbins in your home and office are covered or have lids that can be placed on top of them. This will prevent flies from coming in contact with your waste and spreading pathogens from it.
• The best way to deal with flies is to use Kala HIT, our flying insect killer spray. Use Kala HIT on all areas in your home or office, especially those which may attract flies or where you may have seen flies before. Kala HIT will remove any flies and prevent them from breeding further. You can know more about Kala HIT here or purchase it directly here .
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