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  • How does HIT Anti-Roach Gel work?
    HIT Anti-Roach Gel is a cockroach nest killer. The gel has special ingredients which attracts cockroaches. On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die. Other cockroaches that come in contact with dead cockroaches also die... resulting in the elimination of the cockroach nest.
  • Does the gel kill cockroaches instantly?
    Cockroaches die after a few hours of consumption of the gel. This allows them to return to their nest, and kill other cockroaches that get in contact with them.
  • Where all do I need to apply the gel for best results?
    Apply HIT Anti-Roach Gel dots at a distance of 5-10 cms. along cupboard door hinges, underside- along the edges of shelves, cracks and crevices, nooks and corners and areas which are frequented by cockroaches. Make sure you do not apply the gel in places from where it can be easily washed off.
  • What is the ideal distance at which I should apply the gel?
    Apply HIT Anti-Roach Gel dots at a distance of 20-25 cms. Just 20 dots are sufficient to cover a standard-sized kitchen.
  • Do I need to cover food/utensils during application of the gel?
    As HIT Anti-Roach Gel is a spot-applicant and does not spread, you don't need to cover food, utensils etc. This makes it the most effortless cockroach solution. However, adequate care is to be taken to keep it away from direct contact with any food material to avoid possible contamination.
  • How long do I need to keep the gel dots for it to be effective?
    The gel is effective for upto 45 days. Care is to be taken for the gel not to be washed/wiped off in this period.
  • Can this be used on wet surfaces like bathrooms, sinks etc.?
    Areas easily washed by water like bathroom sinks, water outlets, etc. should be avoided. Application in areas that are safe from cupboards, shelves etc. will give good results.

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