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A transparent gel that kills cockroaches right at their entry point.

HIT Gel stick is a transparent gel that kills cockroaches at the entry point. Once applied the gel remains effective for 7 days

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Cockroaches are older than human beings. They have been around since the ages of dinosaurs. They are tough creatures as is evident from the longevity of their species. Cockroaches can live without food for almost a month. Around 4000 species of cockroaches can be found on the planet. They prefer warm environment and thus can be found in and around homes. They crawl through dirty places and can contaminate food which can trigger quite a few diseases.

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"Each enemy has its own strengths. And weaknesses. If you successfully lock the target, you can kill it."

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Use it behind the curtains
Hold can 10 cms away and spray
Uses of hit gel stick
Every evening at 6pm


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