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Pests are frowned upon everywhere and almost all households fall prey to them at one point or the other. People often suffer from deadly diseases due to them.

But the most harmful pest is perhaps cockroaches. They spread fast and are held responsible for diseases as dangerous as asthma. Cockroach infestation becomes an ordeal especially because they are really hard to kill. 

They can only be eliminated if you know the right techniques. Though the most basic way to avoid pests is to maintain cleanliness, methods of pest control vary.

For one, you may want to resort to pest control services. These services are not only expensive but highly inadequate as a long term solution. They are extremely expensive, they are not very safe as well because they use industrial-grade or agricultural pesticides. And we all know the inconvenience of booking the appointment, overseeing them for the entire half-day when they are at our home servicing. Cleaning up the mess they make after they are done servicing is a whole new story.

There are many methods of pest control that you could do yourself.
• You can kill cockroaches with the help of diatomaceous earth. It eats through the exoskeleton of the pest killing it within 24 hours. Often we see the roaches getting dehydrated and coming out after it is applied. But this may not eliminate the entire colony.
• Catnip is another natural cockroach repellent. It is completely harmless for humans but helps in getting rid of cockroaches effectively. Finding catnip, however, could be very challenging.
• Boric acid mixed with flour, sugar, and coffee can be offered as a bait to kill cockroaches. But this may or may not work.
• Adhesive tapes can be placed in the routes of cockroaches to trap them. However, this won’t help to eliminate the entire colony.
• So the most effective cockroach killer is undoubtedly the Hit Anti Roach Gel. It acts as a slow poison, not killing the roach immediately. Instead, it goes back to the nest and dies there. The carcass is consumed by other cockroaches, which in turn die creating a chain reaction. A tube of 249 Rs, 20 dots of gel is enough to kill the entire colony and you will not see cockroaches for up to 45 days. Each tube lasts for at least 6 months.

The Hit ARG is the best Do-It-Yourself pest control formula so far. One’s search for the best roach pest control service ends here. The main concern with any kind of poisonous bait is that the chemicals used in it are very harmful. But the odorless Hit ARG does not have any industrial grade chemical or agricultural insecticide. It is the safest product available today at a pocket-friendly price. Applied once it can completely eliminate the roaches and you will not see another roach for more than a month! Reapply after 45 days and enjoy a roach-free home.



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