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Kills crawling insects.

Freedom from crawling insects.

It's as simple as a line across the floor. Keep your home free of ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects with HIT Chalk. Draw a line across the floor or any other surfaces where these pests frequently crawl. These will be killed the moment they cross this line. So you can be sure they wouldn't dare cross the HIT Chalk line.

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Learn about the pests that infest your
home and the diseases they spread.

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Ants are another species of troublesome pests which can cause food contamination in your home. Ants are attracted by food. So, if you are leaving food remains in your house, you are attracting ants. They carry a lot of bacteria in their body, which is spread across as they move. Ants can establish colonies at a place in a matter of no-time. So, what you might perceive as a harmless ant might prove to be of serious percussions later.

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"Each enemy has its own strengths. And weaknesses. If you successfully lock the target, you can kill it."

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How to use lal hit chalk
Use it behind the curtains
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Hold can 10 cms away and spray
When use Lal hit chalk
Every evening at 6pm


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