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Protect yourself from these diseases after flood

Here’s how you can stay safe from the new threats looming over Kerala

The floods that Kerala have seen in the last month have been described as the worst since 1924. Even Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that these floods have caused huge losses to the state and it will take a while for things to get back to business as usual. However, as Kerala limps back to recovery, the question of the hour is how can it start rebuilding itself? The first step, as suggested by experts, is to take charge of all the threats that the state can now foresee, the first among which is the threat to the health of its people.

Threat of rat fever

The health department of the state has issued a high alert in all districts to prevent the spread of water borne and rat borne diseases. A lot of people have been diagnosed with symptoms of diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, leptospirosis being the most dangerous among all. The health officials have advised residents of all districts to take all necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. To keep one’s house safe from rats they should consider using products such as HIT Rat. Regular use of such products will keep the house and its residents protected against rat fever.

Threat of dengue and malaria

Apart from rat fever, the next big threat is dengue and malaria. Water might have receded in most regions, but it has caused a huge growth in the number of mosquitoes in most regions, leading to an increase in the number of dengue and malaria cases reported. People need to take care that all standing water or water that might have gotten collected around their houses is immediately emptied. Another solution is to make liberal use of products like Kala Hit in one’s house. Regular spraying of the house will not only kill mosquitoes but will also protect against dengue and malaria.

Threat of food poisoning

Food poisoning is also a big challenge to tackle since almost everything in one’s surroundings today is infected. The health ministry has suggested certain precautions people can keep in mind like drinking only boiled water, washing hands frequently to avoid communicable diseases, not consume food that has been soaked or exposed to flood water and to seek treatment immediately if even one symptom of any disease is observed. People can also make use of Lal Hit to avoid food poisoning, which is also caused because of insects like cockroaches.

While the government is focusing on getting the state back on track by rebuilding the infrastructure, creating new opportunities for jobs and business and providing support to people who need monetary assistance, rebuilding health lies in the hands of the people.



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