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Zika Virus- Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Cause and Traits

Zika Virus is transmitted by the same species of mosquito which spreads dengue, i.e. Aedes mosquito. Zika Virus can be contagious by the exchange of body fluids such as saliva and semen. It can also be found in the blood of humans. And thus, blood transfusion should be avoided if the person has been diagnosed with recent Zika virus infection within 14 days after blood donation.


The symptoms of Zika Virus are similar to dengue. Slight fever and rashes can appear after a person has been bit by the infected mosquito. Conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, and tiredness are some of the other symptoms which can be felt. The symptoms usually last from 2 to 7 days.


Zika virus can be treated by common pain and fever medicines. Rest and plenty of water intake is advised when a person has been diagnosed with the Zika infection. As Zika is spread by mosquitoes, containing them will mean you will be protected from the infection. Spraying a mosquito spray like Kala HIT in your house everyday can be extremely helpful.


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