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Do Home Remedies For Cockroaches Really Work?

Men hate cockroaches, women in the house loath those bugs while the children are scared of them. That pretty much sums up the emotions humans have for cockroaches. For some practical and other seemingly unknown reasons, we feel disgusted watching the creepy crawlers running helter-skelter all around our homes. 

Why We Dislike Cockroaches So Much?

For one, cockroaches are irritating and no one wants to see them at home. Imagine your guest sitting at your home and sipping on the tea and munching on snacks. And suddenly a cockroach jumps out of nowhere and makes its way to the living room. It would be quite embarrassing, won’t it? Strangely enough, these baddies show up when you least expect them to.

They are synonymous with dirt and filth and therefore we feel quite creepy when we watch cockroaches passing over the kitchen utensils, food containers and places like fridge where food is stored. If you find cockroaches in a restaurant you have the option to leave. But the same cannot be said about your home. 

Cockroach spreads diseases

It is a well-known fact that cockroach spread different diseases in humans. Unlike mosquito bites that cause malaria and dengue, roaches spread pathogens through contact and contamination of food and surfaces. Food poisoning, typhoid, diarrhoea and vomiting are a few health issues that they can cause. 

Cockroaches are known to spread fast once they get inside your home. It is extremely difficult to control the infestation of the area unless you take some preventive measures fast. Therefore, acting against the infestation is a must and should be quick. There are some pretty effective products like HIT Anti Roach Gel and LAL HIT which have given so much relief from the cockroaches to the people of India. 

There are several pest control techniques and services to exterminate cockroaches but it is supposed to be too expensive. Moreover, it is not necessary for every household to avail such services as cockroaches can be handled easily with affordable and best cockroach killer sprays. The effective killer sprays can help you to overcome this bug challenge and keep your family safe and healthy. 

When the red army of cockroaches is looking to invade your home, there are many home remedies people use. But the question you should ask is – Are they effective? How does it work?

Does Home Remedy Works?

Some Home Remedies commonly used and why they are not effective

Let’s look at some of the home remedies generally used by people and the myth surrounding them.

  • Hot water and vinegar –People often mix vinegar and hot water and use it as a disinfectant to prevent cockroaches to reach up from kitchen drains.

Remember, cockroaches are older than dinosaurs. They are highly capable to adapt and evolve. Some experts even suggest they are now capable to withstand such home remedies.

Therefore, this might not be a long-term solution. Also, there are other places from which roaches can easily make the entry.

  • Hot water, lemon and baking soda – This is again to prevent cockroach to make its way through kitchen drains, washbasins or pipes.

This can prevent cockroaches initially. But what about a bigger roach problem or infestation. This is too simple a solution to deter cockroaches from attacking your home.

  • Neem leaves – Neem leaves are easily available in Indian households. But does it really affects or irritates cockroaches?

It will perhaps work for some days. But soon enough you will find cockroaches make a comeback. Additionally, it is not so much of a DIY cockroach killer anyway.

  • Bay Leaves –These leaves gives out an aroma which repels cockroaches. However, if the goal is to kill cockroaches, it won’t help much either.
  • Soap solution ­ - Among the cockroach control remedies, some find soap solution to be effective in closing the pores in cockroach body which makes it uncomfortable and run away to its nest.

Other problems with home remedies

  1. Remember, the home remedies might be popular but not so effective to prevent cockroach infestation. As cockroaches are evolving and changing with time, they are becoming more dangerous. Therefore, you need powerful solutions to not only drive them away but eliminate them.
  2. Home remedies may be effective to drive the cockroaches crazy and keep them from your sight for a while. But cockroaches like to stay hidden in dark places and warm conditions, sheltered away from sight and any disturbance. They populate in large numbers and causes infestation which is dangerous. 
  3. Cockroaches come from different places and can reach your home anytime. You can’t wait to make a home-made remedy instantly as they may run away. The killer sprays like LAL HIT can be used anytime and anywhere.
  4. In India, many families still live together. Therefore, it is important to use cockroach solutions in every room and every nook and corner. Therefore, home remedies may not be the most convenient way to control and eliminate roaches.
  5. As mentioned before, there is no guarantee that DIY – home remedies will work. You will end up wasting precious money and time.
  6. A simple fix will not work against cockroaches. Once they become a problem it is difficult to contain them with home remedies.
  7. As cockroaches can survive more than 40 days without food and only water, it is important to eliminate their nest. This is where best roach killer on the market and specialist solution like LAL HIT from Godrej can help. The product is powerful enough to kill hidden cockroaches and keep your home safe and healthy always. 

How To Remove Cockroaches From Home?

HIT Anti Roach Gel - Best DIY Pest Control Product

You can use HIT Anti Roach Gel from Godrej which is one of the modern and most effective products available today in the market. It is popular among the people because it is easy to use, hassle-free way of dealing with cockroach menace and cockroach based diseases.



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