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It is no secret that it irritates us to see cockroaches running around. The idea is to get rid of them as quickly as possible because they spread fast. But you should be careful about what methods you use for it.

There are many products available in the market containing harmful chemicals. These chemicals when inhaled can lead to various complications. Especially, the risks increase with kids and pets around. 
That is one reason why people opt for home remedies to kill cockroaches.

Another reason is that solutions like pest control services are really expensive when cockroach problems can be taken care of at a much cheaper price, it is meaningless to spend so unwisely. Hence, home remedies that are cheaper, safer and effective become important. Here are a few options.

It is always advisable to stop your enemy from attacking you. Then you don’t have to fight them at all. To stop cockroaches from entering your place use nets insect screens. Close all the crevices with pudding and paint. Use soaps and cleaners and clean your house regularly. Cover your garbage and water.

• Mix together some boric acid, white flour, sugar, and coffee powder. Getting attracted to the smell of coffee, they will eat it and die. But if you have pets at home make sure they don’t lick it.
• You can also kill roaches using a water trap. It can be created at home using a plastic water bottle. Cut a soft drink bottle from the neck. Fill it up with a mixture of water and coffee brew. The smell of coffee will attract roaches. Invert the cut upper portion on top creating a funnel. Roaches will enter from the top being lured by the aroma but won’t be able to exit easily. Place it near their nest. But this will trap them but not necessarily kill them.
• A mixture of borax and sugar can be used as a bait to kill roaches. However, be extremely careful with children and pets around as borax is highly toxic.
• Spraying fabric softener on roaches causes difficulty in its breathing. They die due to suffocation. So roaches can be sprayed with a mixture of water and fabric softener.
Hit Anti Roach Gel is the best remedy one can get. People use home remedies because they are cheaper and safer. Hit ARG comes at an economical price of just Rs.249. This odourless gel is without any harmful chemicals and is extremely effective. Once applied it will eliminate the entire colony of roaches. You will not spot another roach for 3 months at least. Reapply after every 45 days to keep roaches at bay.



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