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The dengue virus, one of the most dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes, can be prevented if one takes proper care. The simplest way to stay safe from this disease is to ensure that mosquitos do not breed in your surroundings.

1. Keep your house clean and tidy.

2. Do not leave stagnant water lying anywhere in or around the house. It’s very dangerous as these misquotes lie on this stagnant water only, it doesn’t matter if it is dirty or clean.

3. Spray the house with anti-mosquito sprays, like Kala Hit every day in the corners of your home to kill the hidden mosquitoes.

4. Keep your wet garbage separate and throw in a wet bin (which is kept covered)

5. In the rains, the chances of you getting infected by the Dengue/ mosquito are extremely high due to the level of stagnant fresh water increase; at this point all measures of safety should be used.

6. Try to wear clothes that don’t leave any skin areas exposed.

7. Wear a mosquito repellent cream and carry it with you at all times.

8. Keep the doors and windows of the house closed, mostly early in the morning and during the evening.

9. Change your hand towels after a day’s use.

10. Keep your wet and soggy clothes and shoes away from the dry garments. Also, try to dry the wet ones as soon as possible.

11. It’s not only about our homes, we need to keep our area and city both clean. Where ever you find gutters which are not being cleaned, find some solution for it. Take it up to your local ‘residence welfare association’ or community head.


Godrej kala hit - mosquito killer spray
Godrej kala hit - mosquito killer spray
Godrej kala hit - mosquito killer spray


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