Cockroaches are perhaps the nastiest pests. They destroy food items and also spread several diseases, some of which can be really fatal. Not only are they gross to look at but they also cause panic among people. They can survive without a head for months and even survive a nuclear explosion. But there are simpler ways to kill them.

Firstly, prevention is better than cure, so try to prevent a cockroach invasion. This can be done by following the steps to avoid roaches. 

Prevention Tips

  1. Cockroaches are known to have a body which easily takes compression and pressure. That is the reason why they can easily squeeze through small holes, small crevices, entry holes in the walls etc. Use sealants or blocks or bolt to fill these gaps and prevent cockroach entry to your home.
  2. Garbage and waste are one of the favourite places where cockroaches like to live and hide. Therefore, it is important to keep the waste bins and garbage away from the kitchen. 
  3. Indian households and societies do not have the best solid waste management facilities. Garbage and waste are usually littered on the streets and near homes. Cockroaches enter the home in search of food when there’s nothing left in the waste. Hence, keep your surroundings clean.
  4. Kitchen sinks are another entry point for cockroaches. This can be dealt with in two ways. Keep kitchen clean and the kitchen sink from dirt. This will prevent attraction to cockroaches. Secondly, check for drain pipes and plumbing issues if the waste is going out smoothly or not. As wastewater is enough for cockroaches to breed and multiply.
  5. Clear the clutter of the storehouse usually located outside the home. Even if you have kept everything clean, cockroaches find dark and messed up places easy to live and even prefers growing at such places. So, clean and clear should be your motto. This will not allow cockroaches to have any room to survive near to your home.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

However, once cockroaches have attacked your house, how to kill them? Let’s find out different ways which are popular among people and others which are better than them.

  1. You can go for cockroach traps. They are adhesive tapes which you place on the routes of cockroaches and the pests get caught. However, it is not effective enough to kill a whole colony.
  2. Boric Acid is a well-known substance that can kill cockroaches easily. It is important to use it carefully before its effectiveness fades out. It is dangerous for kids and pets and should be kept away from its reach. While it has low toxicity for humans it is deadly for cockroaches.
  3. Cockroach Bait or cockroach killing paste is one of the best methods to get rid of cockroaches. It is basically a poison which is placed at points where cockroaches usually circle around or pass through. Once they feed on the bait cockroaches generally die in their nest. Gels can be used as well.
  4. Godrej HIT Anti roach gel is one of the best cockroach pest control products for home to kill cockroaches easily. Use it all across the home and you will drastically see the difference. 
  5. Cockroach repellents are effective to keep cockroaches away from you. These nagging insects have the tendency to crawl all over your body sometimes. It can feel really creepy when something like that occurs. Preventing such incidence by using essential oils or repellent sprays keeps cockroaches away but may not be the most effective way.
  6. You can definitely use shoe or broom to kill the cockroaches whenever you find one. But many a time, it is not possible to kill them with one blow. They have this unique capability to sense dangers and attacks coming from every direction. Yet, it is a simple and age-old method used against cockroaches.
  7. Best cockroaches killer sprays like LAL HIT is most effective in the elimination of cockroaches and preventing cockroach infestation too. The nozzle based spraying mechanism helps in reaching hidden places like the sink, under the cabinet, pipes etc and kills them instantly. The spray paralyzes their nervous system which leads to death.

You can seek the help of a professional exterminator for cockroach pest control. All you need to do is write to them with a hefty check. Not just expensive, they are also unsafe with harmful chemicals they use, inconvenient as you need to oversee them while they do their job which is at least half a day and do not forget the mess they make.

Therefore we suggest, HIT Anti Roach Gel –does not contain any harmful industrial-grade chemicals or agricultural insecticide hence it’s safe to use in your home, and it’s super convenient: just put 20 dots of this gel in the corners of the kitchen which would not even take 2 minutes of your time and you don’t see any more cockroaches for 45 days. It is your do it yourself pest control product and best way to kill cockroaches in India.

How to kill cockroaches in the kitchen?

Kitchens are a special place for the cockroaches. You must take special care and follow prevention tips in the kitchen.

  • Always keep food in tight containers
  • Never leave the food or other eatables uncovered for a long time.
  • Keep plates, utensils clean. Do not leave the dishes for a later period as it can attract cockroaches.
  • Keep cabinets and the sink clean and tidy. 

To kill cockroaches, you can again use either HIT Anti roach gel or Lal HIT which eliminate them completely.

Now that you know how to kill cockroaches at home and in your kitchen, ever wondered why it is necessary to deal with cockroaches? 

Although they are pesky, annoying, irritable and filthy, there are reasons cockroaches are dangerous.

  • Cockroaches spread pathogens from garbage and waste to the food at your homes.
  • These pathogens when ingested can lead to various diseases like food poisoning, stomach infection and other diseases.
  • They play a supplementary role in the spread of fatal diseases that cause deaths. 

This is the reason you should always use specialist solution like Lal HIT or HIT Anti Roach Gel to eliminate cockroaches and thereby keep your family and loved ones safe.



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